6 Reasons To Try THCA


There’s a “new” cannabinoid in town, and people are loving it.  Have you tried THCA yet?  Still on the fence?  Read on to learn more about THCA, and why you should give it a try.  

In the meantime, if you’re looking for quick links to try THCA for yourself, blunts can be found here, and prerolls here.  All of our products are lab tested, so you can shop smart and stay lit.

1. It transforms into THC

THCA is not psychoactive in its raw, original form.  However, when you expose THCA to heat (from say, a lighter, a vape, or the oven when you’re decarbing), THCA transforms into THC.  The science behind this is pretty interesting.  See, THCA contains an extra carboxyl ring that makes its molecular shape incompatible with our CB1 receptors.  Since it’s not able to attach to those receptors, we don’t get high.  But, when you add heat, THCA undergoes the process of decarboxylation.  This means that it drops that carboxyl ring, and transforms into the famously psychoactive THC, which happens to attach perfectly to our CB1 receptors like a piece in a puzzle.  Doing this conversion is as easy as smoking one of our blunts or prerolls; by the time the smoke hits your lungs, the THCA has converted to THC.  So you can expect to feel high.

2. You’ve probably already tried it

If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ve tried THCA.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  It’s the acidic form of THC, and naturally abundant.  Any time you smoke cannabis, you’re converting the THCA to THC.  So, if you like smoking weed, you’ll love our THCA blunts and prerolls.

3. We have a blunt for that

No matter the occasion, there’s a blunt for that.  We offer selections in hybrid, sativa, and indica.  No matter the time of day, or what you’re looking to get out of your experience, we’ve got you covered.  If you’re starting your day with a sativa, you can choose from sour diesel or pink lemonade.  Unwinding after work?  Indica indulgence is all yours with tres leches or purple punch.  Hybrids are available in papaya and orange creamsicle for a hit of fruity summer goodness, any time.  Whatever flavor you’re looking to savor, there’s a blunt for that.

4. THCA is potent

If you’re tired of other cannabinoids like delta 8 that are less potent than traditional cannabis, THCA is the choice for you.  Since it becomes THC, it delivers a high you can count on.  This high hits, and you can really expect to smoke the same amount of THCA that you would regular cannabis.  No guessing game needed to figure out what your tolerance might be.

5. Federally legal

Is your state a little behind the times?  If you’re not surrounded by legal recreational cannabis, then you’re in luck.  THCA is legal on a federal level thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp federally.  As long as the THCA you’re enjoying is derived from hemp, not cannabis, it’s legal on a national level.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less THC.  This definition does not factor in the magic that happens once you light THCA on fire.  How’s that for a legal loophole?  That being said, individual states have taken their own approach to hemp derived cannabinoids, so definitely stay up to date with what’s going on in your state.

6. Convenience

Is the dispensary too far away?  Do they have weird hours?  Is your weed guy less than reliable?  Nothing could be more convenient than having THCA shipped directly to your door.  Take your time, assemble your own variety package, and go about your business until your goodies arrive.  We deliver all the fun of cannabis without the hassle of getting it.

The bottom line

Why should you try THCA?  Because you’ve probably already tried it!  If you’re looking for that familiar THC high, then this is the cannabinoid for you.  You can play scientist from your living room and convert THCA to THC just by smoking one of our THCA blunts or prerolls.  No matter the occasion, we have you covered with indica, sativa, and hybrid blunts in every flavor.