DVNT Purple Punch Blunt Review


I’m continuing to work my way through the amazing variety package I received from DVNT.  Last night, I decided to try the Purple Punch THCA blunt, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.  If you’re interested in an honest review of what it’s like to smoke a DVNT THCA blunt, then read on.

Looking for a quick link to try out these blunts for yourself?  Right here.

What is THCA?

Need a refresher on THCA, or never knew about it the first place?  Don’t sweat it, there’s a lot of “new” cannabinoids on the scene lately.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp.  In its raw form, it is not psychoactive.  However, when THCA is exposed to heat from a lighter, a vape, or the oven when you decarb your flower to make edibles, it converts to the famously psychoactive THC.  

So, if you wanted to enjoy THCA in its original, non-psychoactive form, you would need to consume raw cannabis or a specially made tincture.  Conversely, getting high off of THCA is as easy as smoking one of our THCA blunts.  By the time the smoke hits your lungs, that THCA has already converted to THC and you will absolutely get stoned.

My experience

I decided to indulge in the DVNT Purple Punch Indica THCA blunt for the purpose of this review.  I’d had a very long day of work and errands, and this was the perfect treat to finally shift into relaxation mode.  The blunt had a delightful grape taste.  It was reminiscent of that classic blunt flavor profile with the perfect amount of fruit to compliment the herbs inside.  I shared the blunt with my boyfriend, and half the blunt was more than enough for me to feel really high.  All the stress of the day just melted off of me, and I felt totally at peace.  My appetite was definitely stimulated (hello munchies), and I was thrilled we’d already decided on pizza for dinner.  

My itinerary for the evening was that of a stereotypical stoner: pizza, cartoons, and plenty of laughs.  Stereotypical or not, Purple Punch totally delivered.  I enjoyed the zen feeling, but didn’t feel paralyzed or too stoned to function.  If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation, this is the blunt for you.  I stayed high for hours.  When it came time for bed, I noticed I was so at peace that I wasn’t kept awake by the usual racing thoughts that I normally experience before sleep.  My body melted right into the mattress, and I had no trouble drifting off to sleep.  

I absolutely could not tell the difference between this THCA blunt and the weed I smoke from the dispensary.  The flavor, aroma, and experience were all on point.  I highly recommend these blunts.  For anyone looking to indulge in an indica, Purple Punch is where it’s at.  I felt relaxed, calm, and totally unbothered.  After a long day, this was truly such a treat.


One thing I love about DVNT is that all the products are lab tested.  The results are right on the site for complete transparency.  You deserve to know what is (and isn’t) in the products you’re enjoying, and I love knowing that I can shop smart without sacrificing anything.  

There really is a blunt for every occasion.  Whether you’re looking for sativa, indica, or hybrid, there’s a THCA blunt for that in our store.  If you’re curious about sativa, check out my review of the DVNT Sour Diesel THCA blunt.  Are prerolls more your jam?  I had the pleasure of trying out the THCA Tres Leches indica preroll, and you can read about my experience here.

The bottom line

If you’re on a quest for the ultimate relaxation, then Purple Punch is for you.  This indica THCA blunt really does pack a punch of relief that will leave you feeling incredible.  After a long day, I know I struggle to shift into “me time”.  This blunt really does offer the ideal transition.  My mind and body felt totally at peace; I was no longer worrying about what still needs to get done, or what tomorrow may bring.  Take the you time you deserve, and chill out with THCA.