8 Reasons To Try DVNT THCA Blunts

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THCA is the latest cannabinoid to hit our store, and we are loving it!  Have you tried THCA yet?  Do you actually know what THCA is?  Learn more about this transformer of a cannabinoid, and why you should try DVNT THCA blunts.

Looking for a quick link to try the DVNT THCA blunts ASAP?  Right here.

1. Play chemist right from your home

Have you ever wanted to do sciencey shit, but lack the lab equipment?  Maybe you haven’t opened a textbook in a decade, or just don’t have a lab coat.  Well, now is your time to shine!  Regardless of your scientific aptitude, you can conduct your own chemistry project right from the comfort of your own couch!  See, when you expose THCA to heat, it becomes THC.  This heat can come from a vape, a lighter, or the oven when you’re decarbing flower for edibles.  

Converting non-psychoactive THCA to the famously psychoactive THC is as easy as smoking one of our DVNT THCA blunts.  By the time the smoke hits your lungs, you’re inhaling THC, and feeling quite a bit better shortly after you exhale.  No beakers, safety goggles, or scientific know-how required.

2. A high you can count on

Tired of those less potent cannabinoids not hitting?  THCA will get you lit.  We all know that THC gets you high, and that’s just what you’re ingesting when you indulge in a THCA blunt.  Enjoy that high you know and love without sacrificing anything.  Interested in learning more?  Check out my review of our THCA Sour Diesel blunt.

3. Lab tested products

Just like all of the products on our site, DVNT THCA blunts are lab tested.  In a vastly unregulated industry, this is crucial.  We share those results with you right on our site so you can rest assured that you’re shopping smart.  Skip the stress, and cut straight to the fun part.

4. A strain for every occasion

Looking for a morning refreshment to jumpstart your day alongside your coffee?  Prefer a mid-afternoon pick me up to stimulate some creativity and help you relax?  Or are you after something you can smoke after a long day to help you unwind before bed?  Whatever you’re after, there’s a blunt for that.  We’ve got you covered with indica, sativa, and hybrid blunts.  Curate a vibe for any occasion, and any time of day.

5. Terps for every mood

Whether you’re craving something sweet, earthy, or fruit forward, we have a blunt for you.  If you’re after that classic, herbaceous flavor profile, you can’t go wrong with Sour Diesel or Purple Punch.  If sweets are more your thing, you can have a taste of decadence with Tres Leches or Orange Creamsicle.  Fruit lovers can savor the flavor with Papaya or Pink Lemonade.  With variety like this, why choose just one?

6. Federally legal

Is your state a little behind the times when it comes to their stance on cannabis?  Don’t throw a fit, get lit!  THCA is legal on a federal level as long as it is derived from hemp (like ours).  The best part?  It turns to THC as you smoke it.  How’s that for a loophole?  That being said, some states have implemented their own laws regarding THCA and other hemp-derived cannabinoids.  Definitely stay informed with what’s going on in your state before enjoying one of our DVNT THCA blunts.

7. Convenience

Whether the dispensary is too far away, your weed guy can’t commit to meeting you on time, or you’re just too busy to shop in person, our online store could not be any more convenient.  Simply load up your cart and have your choice of Grade A herbal refreshment delivered right to your door!  

8. No need to roll

If you simply don’t have the time, or just never really learned how to roll a blunt, we’ve got you covered.  That time spent painstakingly crafting the perfect blunt while all your friends put the pressure on could be better spent smoking!  Also, who wants to smoke something covered in saliva?  Our DVNT THCA blunts arrive rolled and ready.  Skip the mess, and get down to the important business of getting high.

The bottom line

DVNT THCA blunts are potent, convenient, and versatile.  Play chemist and convert that THCA to THC right from home.  Since that THCA will be THC by the time you inhale, you know you’ll actually get high.  No more gambling with less potent cannabinoids, these babies hit.  Skip the stress and mess of rolling a blunt and opt for the ultimate convenience of the modern age.  With lab test results posted right on our site, you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.  DVNT is the obvious choice for a responsible high you can count on.