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THCA has made a splash on the market recently as a cannabinoid that really hits.  While some cannabinoids, like delta 9 and HHC, aren’t as potent as THC, THCA literally becomes THC by the time you smoke it.  If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ve tried THCA.  But, have you tried a THCA specific product yet?  Read on to see why DVNT has you covered if you’re looking to shop THCA prerolls.

In the meantime, here’s a quick link to take you right to the good stuff.  Our Tres Leches Indica THCA prerolls can be found right here.  Do you prefer blunts?  Check out our selection!  Blunts are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid to curate the perfect vibe, any time.

What is THCA?

With so many “new” cannabinoids hitting the shelves in recent years, who can keep track of them all?  No shame in the game if you’re not quite sure what THCA is.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  It’s actually the acidic form of THC.  In its raw, original form, THCA is not psychoactive.  You might be wondering: if it’s not psychoactive, then why are we hyping it up?  Well, the fun thing about THCA is that it converts to THC when you add heat.  This heat can come from a lighter, a vape, or even the oven when you decarb  your flower to make edibles.  If you’ve ever wondered what that crucial step is about, the answer comes down to THCA.  By putting your flower in the oven, you’re converting the THCA into THC so your edibles actually hit.

If you wanted to consume THCA in its non-psychoactive form, you would have to eat raw cannabis or ingest a specially made tincture.  For those of us that enjoy getting high, transforming the THCA into THC is as easy as smoking one of the THCA prerolls in our shop.  By the time that smoke hits your lungs, the THCA has become THC.


You can skip the stress when you shop our THCA prerolls (or anything on our site for that matter) because all of our products are lab tested.  We believe you deserve to know what is (and isn’t) in the products you’re about to enjoy, and we share these results right on our site.  Since the industry is vastly unregulated, this is just an extra step we take so that you can feel at ease and enjoy the high.

Our Prerolls

Treat yourself with our Tres Leches Indica THCA prerolls.  These smokes offer the perfect hint of cakey sweetness to help you unwind and treat yourself.  They’re smooth, decadent, and taste like relaxation.  I felt totally relaxed after smoking, and the stress of the day seemed to completely wash away.  The high really hits, and I stayed high for hours.  These prerolls are ideal for indulging in after work, or any other time you’re ready to relax.  Though they are an indica, I didn’t feel paralyzed or ready to pass out immediately.  I really couldn’t tell the difference between THCA and conventional cannabis that I would get from the dispensary.  Check out my full review of these prerolls here.

Ordering these prerolls takes the stress out of shopping.  Whether you’re living in a state without recreational cannabis, your weed guy is less than reliable, or the dispensary is too far away, we’ve got you covered.  Our prerolls arrive straight to your door, ready to smoke.  The process could not be any more convenient, and in today’s busy world, any extra convenience is always welcome.  

The bottom line

THCA is the cannabinoid for you if you’re looking for that classic THC high that you know and love.  Converting the THCA to THC is as easy as smoking one of the THCA prerolls in our shop.  Our Tres Leches Indica THCA prerolls are perfect for a night in, post-work relaxation, or any other time you’re looking for the ultimate chill.  Since our products are lab tested, you can rest assured that we offer you quality you can trust.  So the next time you’re looking for feel-good relaxation that tastes like dessert, shop our THCA prerolls and prepare to feel amazing.