DVNT Sativa Blunt Review


I love to start my day with a good sativa alongside my morning coffee.  That’s why I was super excited to be given the opportunity to try and review a DVNT sativa blunt.  I already shared my review of the sour diesel THCA blunt.  Here, I’ll be reviewing the Pink Lemonade THCA sativa blunt.  If you’re curious about THCA, then read on to learn what the high really feels like.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to try the product for yourself, these pink lemonade THCA blunts can be found here.  

What is THCA?

Of the cannabinoids in our store, THCA is my favorite.  It’s a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  Unlike delta 8, THCA is pretty abundant.  In its raw, original form, THCA is not psychoactive.  This changes, however, when it’s exposed to heat.  This heat can come from a lighter, a vape, or the oven when you decarb your flower before making edibles.  Once exposed to heat, THCA converts into the famously psychoactive THC.  If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ve done this neat little conversion without even realizing it.  

If you wanted to enjoy THCA in its true form, and not get high, you would need to consume raw cannabis or a specially made tincture.  For the rest of us, getting high from THCA is as easy as smoking a DVNT THCA blunt or preroll.  By the time the smoke hits your lungs, the THCA has converted to THC, and will get you high.

My experience

Like I said, I love to start my day with a sativa, so that’s exactly what I did for this DVNT blunt review.  The pink lemonade is an ideal sweet and sour flavor combo.  I savored the taste, and loved that it was something different than what’s typically offered in a blunt.  I smoked half the blunt, and saved the rest for later.  The high was nearly instantaneous.  These definitely hit, and are just as potent as traditional cannabis that I would get from a dispensary.

I really enjoy exercising while I’m stoned, and this was no exception.  I caught a ride to the gym, and had an amazing workout.  One of the highlights for me was that I felt like I could really focus on my movement, and took my time with each exercise to really feel the burn in my muscles.  I was energized, and completely absorbed myself in my music while still having a productive workout.  When I’m high, my workout feels bigger than it actually is, and it’s easy to forget that I’m at the gym.  I totally lost myself on the elliptical and felt like I was on some sort of epic, movie-worthy quest.  I spent almost two hours at the gym, and still felt high by the time I finished up. 

Main takeaways

I would describe the high from this blunt as euphoric, stimulating, and uplifting.  For anyone craving that classic THC high, this blunt is for you.  It tastes delicious, and will definitely get you lit.  Once the high wore off, I didn’t experience the burnout that I often do after getting high, which is definitely a plus.  I enjoyed the other half of the blunt later in the day, and was able to get some things done around the house at a leisurely pace.  We all lead busy lives, and it’s always amazing to find a product that adds a little something extra to the day, without totally derailing productivity.


The best part about our blunts?  Like all the products in our store, they’re lab tested, and we even share the results right on our site.  You deserve to know what is (and isn’t) in your feel-good pick me up.  Shop smart, and save the stress for the less enjoyable aspects of life.  

We offer a blunt for every occasion.  Whether you’re looking for a sativa, hybrid, or indica, we’ve got you covered.  If, like me, you love a good sativa, you can opt for pink lemonade, or sour diesel for a more herbaceous flavor profile.  Anyone looking to seriously unwind with an indica can check out purple punch, or tres leches.  You can find my review of the purple punch here.  Craving the best of both worlds?  Our hybrid blunts are available in papaya and orange creamsicle to deliver a fresh burst of summer flavor and make you forget that it’s not even spring yet.

The bottom line

I highly recommend the DVNT pink lemonade sativa blunt, as you can tell by my review.  These blunts are potent, delicious, and honestly just a lot of fun.  I absolutely enjoyed the high, and felt totally ready to take on the day.  With lab test results available right on the site, I can skip the paranoia and totally relax without the worries.  You can make your own little variety pack right on our site.  Our online ordering could not be any more convenient.  Whether you’re new to THCA, or already love this cannabinoid, you’ll definitely have an amazing experience with DVNT.