Legal Definition Of Hemp

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You may have noticed the explosion of various cannabinoids on the market in recent years.  This is all thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.  This bill legalized hemp in the US, and, unintentionally, revolutionized the cannabinoid industry.  But what is the legal definition of hemp?  How does it differ from cannabis?  What’s the deal with the 2023 Farm Bill?  Read on to have all these questions answered and more.

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What is hemp?

When it comes to hemp vs cannabis, the two are sometimes used interchangeably.  That being said, hemp is mostly associated with the more “practical” uses of the plant (clothing, rope, food, etc).  What’s the technical difference?  It turns out that hemp and cannabis are technically the same plant.  Scientifically, there is no difference between the two plants.  The legal definition of hemp is where the two plants differ.  Hemp has been legally defined as cannabis containing .3% or less of delta 9 THC.  For decades, delta 9 THC was considered the “active” ingredient in cannabis that produces a high.  Thanks to recent legislation, however, there are other cannabinoids to share the spotlight.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level.  The intent of this bill was to increase production for goods like clothing, rope, and food.  Something that lawmakers didn’t realize, however, is that it’s possible to derive psychoactive cannabinoids from hemp.  And, under the new bill, these cannabinoids became legal on a federal level.  


Suddenly, people in states without legal recreational marijuana found themselves able to enjoy other cannabinoids (like delta 8, for example) legally and without restriction.  While this is exciting and innovative, unlike the cannabis industry, there are no regulations on the hemp industry.  Meaning that, according to federal law, anyone, any age, can buy these products and there are no mandatory guidelines in place in regards to testing the products.  Someone trying to avoid delta 9 might purchase a different cannabinoid, but be smoking delta 9.  Or, the products might not be very potent.  Worst case scenario, there could be dangerous byproducts leftover from the cannabinoid conversion process.  This is why we share our lab tested results with you on our site; you deserve to know what is (and isn’t) in the products you’re about to enjoy.


Since this cannabinoid craze, certain legislators have demanded change.  Some sought to ban these cannabinoids altogether, while others simply looked to impose reasonable regulations on the products (similar to the cannabis industry).  Today, legislation varies from state to state.  Some states have not addressed the issue at all, which means that these hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal in these states, since they are federally legal.  Other states have banned certain cannabinoids by name.  Still others have mandated that these cannabinoids need to come from state-run dispensaries.  The legislation changes constantly, so it’s best to stay aware with what’s going on in your state, or any state you may be traveling to, before indulging.

2023 Farm Bill

The farm bill gets updated every five years.  It should have been updated last year, and many expected the hemp issue to be addressed.  However, there’s no update just yet.  In November of last year, President Biden extended the 2018 Farm Bill through September 2024.  Until then, the legal definition of hemp has not changed, and it remains legal on a federal level.

The bottom line

The legal definition of hemp, and its presence in the 2018 Farm Bill, has sparked a cannabinoid revolution.  Thanks to its federally legal status, innovators have been able to derive several different cannabinoids, both psychoactive and otherwise, from hemp.  While these cannabinoids have been treated differently by every state, they have offered consumers opportunities to expand their horizons.  You can take advantage of the variety that hemp has to offer in our online store.  No matter what you’re looking for out of hemp, we’ve got you covered here at DVNT.