Where To Buy Live Resin Gummies

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Live resin gummies really hit differently. There’s just something about them that’s truly satisfying, something that takes them to another level.  If you’ve tried them, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, well, you’re missing out.  There’s no shortage of gummies on the market to choose from, but I’m here to tell you why DVNT is your one stop shop the next time you’re looking to buy live resin gummies.  Read on to see what sets our products apart from the pack.  Choose from Raspberry Blue, Crispy Apple, Pineapple Haze, or try them all and pick a favorite!

What is live resin?

So we know that live resin makes us feel awesome. But what is it, and why does it feel so good?  Appropriately, live resin was first conceived in Colorado.  William “Kind Bill” Fenger, an experienced grower and hash maker, was inspired by the fragrant aroma produced by living or freshly cut cannabis plants.  He noticed that the scent was much stronger than what could be found in dried flowers, and longed to create something that would enable him to capture that freshness.  

Kind Bill used his inspiration to create the game changer that is live resin.  He flash froze the whole plant immediately after harvesting, and used it to create butane hash oil.  Though the process needed some tweaking, Kind Bill had created live resin.

Terpene Retention

The reason that the living plants have that stronger scent is because they contain significantly more terpenes than plants that have already been harvested and dried.  Terpenes are responsible for the plant’s aroma and flavor, and also add to the defining characteristics of the high produced by each strain.  They are stored in the plants trichomes, which are fuzzy, hair-like appendages.  These can be damaged during the harvesting and trimming process. This means many of the terpenes won’t be present by the time the plant makes its way to the consumer.  

As if that’s not bad enough, during the drying and curing process, moisture and chlorophyll deplete, which leaves the trichomes exposed to damage from heat, oxygen, and light.  Research shows that up to 40% of a plant’s terpenes can be lost from evaporation alone!  This is devastating as terpenes contribute to both recreational and medicinal effects of hemp and cannabis.  Without them, you’re truly not getting the full experience.  They’re also key players in the entourage effect.  This theory describes the phenomenon of cannabinoids working better together than they do alone, along with the plant’s terpenes.  Since live resin is all about preserving the plant’s terpenes, you’re getting a better experience than you would with dried flower.

Why buy our live resin gummies?

Now that you’re aware of what makes live resin so powerful, it’s time to make you aware of why DVNT is the obvious choice next time you’re looking to buy live resin gummies.  First and foremost, we have quality you can count on.  Our ingredients are organic, and our products are lab tested.  You can even view the results here.  We also boast a 98% customer service rating.  We take our role in creating trustworthy products seriously so you can relax and focus on getting lit, without the paranoia.

DVNT gummies all deliver at least 100 mg of cannabinoids per serving.  No need to worry about edibles that never quite kick in; you will definitely feel these.  Also, that entourage effect I mentioned earlier?  All yours no matter which variety you choose.  We use multiple cannabinoids in every package, including delta 8, HHC, HHCP, and THCP so you can have the best experience possible.  If you’re not familiar with HHCP and THCP, they’re both recently discovered and are seriously potent.  They attach to our CB1 receptors at a rate that is thirty-three times higher than delta 9 THC.  You can learn more about these powerhouse cannabinoids here.

As is the case with edibles of any kind, you should be sure to wait a couple hours before reaching for that second gummy.  Like I said, these babies are strong.  The effects might hit you late, but they’re seriously worth the wait.  Be sure to check this out if you’re new to edibles, or just curious about how they work.  

So the next time you’re looking to buy live resin gummies, remember that DVNT is the spot.  We offer excellent quality and service you can count on, all while delivering a nice, euphoric high in convenient, bite-sized gummies.