Delta 8 Edibles Explained

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Anyone who has tried both smoking and eating edibles will tell you that the highs are different.  But why is that, exactly?  Read on to discover the science behind delta 8 edibles at work.  Be sure to check out our selection of HHC and delta 8 gummies.  They’re made with live resin, and are seriously potent at doses of 100 or 250mg of cannabinoids per serving.  Choose from Peach Ringer, Pineapple Haze, Raspberry Blue, and Crispy Apple.


If you’ve had delta 8 edibles before, you’ve probably noticed that you didn’t feel the effects as instantaneously as you would from smoking.  Why is that?  To put it simply, the active ingredients enter your body differently via edibles than they do by smoking or vaping.  When you eat a gummy, the cannabinoids pass through the intestines and into the bloodstream.  Eventually, they make their way to the liver.  Here, they are metabolized and converted.  Traditional delta 9 THC becomes 11-hydroxytetrahydrocannabinol (aka 11-OH-THC).  Delta 8 becomes 11-hydroxy-delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol.  These evolved forms of THC are more potent, which is why many consumers report more intense highs from edibles than from smoking or vaping.

This whole process can take some time.  When you smoke or vape, cannabinoids pass quickly through the lungs and into the central nervous system.  This is why you will feel high almost instantly if you smoke or vape.  The onset from edibles can occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours after consumption.  While edible highs take longer to achieve, they are definitely worth the wait.  I notice for me personally, edibles typically take a little over an hour to kick in.  Due to their potency, the effects from edibles will last longer than the effects from smoking or vaping.  The high can last six or more hours compared to the 1-4 hour high of smoking or vaping.

Bad Reputation

People uninformed about cannabis and hemp love to tell me that edibles are responsible for a lot of hospital visits.  They’re not wrong; however, the reason for hospitalization is not because edibles are inherently dangerous.  Because edibles take so long to kick in, a novice consumer may eat more thinking that the first dose wasn’t potent enough and that’s why they’re not high yet.  Once their body finally metabolizes the cannabinoids, they end up much higher than intended.  The intense high can result in horrible anxiety or panic attacks.  When used responsibly, this is much less likely to occur.  It’s important to understand your tolerance and how delta 8 edibles will affect you.  If you’re new to edibles, start small and wait a few hours before having more.  Indulge at home, create a comfortable environment where you can relax, and enjoy the experience. 

Every Body Is Different

Onset time differs from person to person.  This is due to a variety of factors.  The condition of your body’s endocannabinoid system plays a big role.  This is impacted by your overall health.  Healthy diet and exercise may mean that you don’t need as much product to feel an effect.  This can change even day to day.  The enzymes present in your liver are also of note.  Your liver’s enzyme content is determined by genetics.  If you have more, you’ll process the cannabinoids faster.   

You’ll also notice that delta 8 edibles will kick in faster on an empty stomach than they would after a heavy meal.  Your body needs to metabolize whatever food is already in your system before it can get to the edible.  Even the fat content of the food you eat with the edible (or even in the edible itself) is a contributing component.  Both delta 8 and delta 9 bind to fat, meaning the more fat in your food, the more potent these types of edibles will be.  Keep these factors in mind the next time you indulge; while none of us know the specs on our liver’s enzyme content, overall health habits and the contents of our stomach are easy enough to bear in mind.  

So now that you understand how delta 8 edibles work, you can consume with confidence.  Here at DVNT we have a great selection of gummies.  Whether you’re looking for delta 8, HHC, HHCP, or THCP we’ve got you covered.  Remember, they are high dose so start small and be sure to wait several hours before having a second gummy.  Get lit with quality you can trust from organic, lab tested ingredients.