Edibles Vs Vaping


Edibles vs vaping: which is better? Stoners have pretty strong opinions when it comes to edibles.  Many like that it gives them a non-smoking option to enjoying hemp or cannabis.  Others feel blindsided by the effects and swear they’ll never consume another special brownie ever again.  Vaping, on the other hand, has all but taken over our public spaces which has prompted many to have strong opinions on this method of consumption as well.  

But what actually is the difference between edibles vs vaping?  Is one method really stronger or more dangerous than the other?  Read on for the complete guide and decide at the end which method is right for you!  (Or better yet stock up on our new gummies and refill your supply of our classic HHC disposable vapes and compare and contrast the two for yourself).  

How long they take to kick in

One of the classic differences between edibles vs vaping is how long it takes to feel the effects.  The effects of vaping are felt nearly instantaneously.  Conversely, edibles take much longer to kick in.  This unfortunately often leads to people consuming more edibles than they should because they “don’t feel anything”… yet.  Edibles can take between 30 minutes or even over two hours to kick in.  For me personally, I usually feel an edible high just over an hour after I finish eating it.

How long it takes to feel the effects of an edible depends on a variety of factors, including the form of the edible itself.  Lollipops and lozenges will “activate” faster than something that is chewed and swallowed.  This is because they are absorbed by the mouth.  Chewed food, like a gummy for example, will not be absorbed until it hits the digestive track.

Even aside from the type of edible, you and your body play a huge role in the timing of the effects.  For instance, if you indulge in an edible as a treat after a huge meal, it will take longer for it to enter your digestive track than it would if you were enjoying it on an empty stomach.  Other factors include, weight, sex, metabolism, diet, and your tolerance.

How they work

So clearly edibles take a longer time to make an impact than vaping does.  But why is that, exactly?  When we vape or smoke, the active ingredients are absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream.  The whole process doesn’t take very much time at all.  On the other hand, when edibles are consumed, the cannabinoids are absorbed via the digestive tract.  Next, they travel through the bloodstream to the liver.  There, the cannabinoids are broken down and return to the bloodstream.  Eventually, they make their way to the brain where they meet CB receptors, and the effects are finally felt.

How long do they last?

So now that you’re high, how long can you expect to stay high?  Unsurprisingly, the answer depends once again on you as an individual.  Regardless of your constitution, edibles will keep you high longer than vaping.  A high from vaping or smoking could last between one and four hours (again, depends on who you are!).  In contrast, an edible high could last even three times as long as a vaping high.


Edibles vs vaping are considered more safe.  A lot of this is due to uncertainty regarding what exactly is in said vapes.  Here at DVNT, our products are lab tested and organic, so you can rest assured you’re getting exactly what you paid for.  Edibles do typically contain sugar, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth you could end up accidentally consuming more than you really need.

In terms of dosage, edibles are a portion controlled serving which can work for the right person.  As long as you’re not too impatient to feel the high, you can really control your dosage super easily with an edible.  In contrast, with a vape, who knows how much you’re getting per puff.  How deeply are you inhaling?  How long are you pulling?  Unlike edibles though, you’ll pretty much know where you stand right after you exhale which can definitely be a good thing.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether you prefer edibles or vaping.  Try our array of gummies made from live resin.  They’re definitely high dose, so as I’ve mentioned several times: wait before eating more.  If you prefer instant gratification, our disposable HHC vapes are the move for you.  Check them out, we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid.  Either way, indulge responsibly and enjoy the journey no matter how long it takes.