Have you heard about the new super potent cannabinoid cousins making a big impact in the industry?  HHCP and THCP are both powerful, recently discovered cannabinoids.  But what exactly are they anyway?  How do they differ from one another, and which one should you try?  Learn all about HHCP vs THCP.  Be sure to try them both for yourself with our killer selection of gummies.

What are HHCP & THCP?

THCP is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.  It occurs in trace amounts in hemp and cannabis plants.  What makes THCP different from THC is that it contains two extra carbon atoms in its side chain.  Since THCP doesn’t naturally occur in large quantities, most, if not all, of the THCP currently on the market is synthesized from other cannabinoids.

HHCP vs THCP does not occur naturally.  In order to make HHCP, the carbon chain of HHC is enhanced and given the two extra carbon atoms that make all the difference.  


We wouldn’t have HHCP without the discovery of THCP.  THCP was discovered by total accident in 2019.  A team of Italian researchers was observing the chemical makeup of medical cannabis samples, when they discovered THCP.  The team, led by Guiseppe Cannazza, was able to synthesize the new cannabinoid in order to learn more about it.  

Upon synthesizing THCP, the team found that due to the extra carbon atoms, THCP attaches to the CB1 receptors at a rate that is thirty-three times higher than regular THC.  This is big news because the CB1 receptors are part of our bodies endocannabinoid system; specifically, the receptors responsible for the high that we feel when we consume psychoactive hemp and cannabis products.  

This information inspired further research, which led to HHCP being developed.  Just as THCP is stronger than THC, HHCP is stronger than HHC.  


Both HHCP and THCP are stronger than delta 9 THC.  For both of these new cannabinoids, the two extra carbon atoms make a world of difference.  Since they are so new, however, there is not currently a ton of research on either of them.  After the Italian researchers synthesized THCP, they conducted tests on mice to evaluate its effects.  Cannazza states that “the results suggest that THCP acts similarly to THC but at lower doses (about half dose)”.  

THCP was found to have more cannabimimetic activity than THC.  According to Weedmaps, cannabimimetic activity measures “how well a substance replicates the effects of more well-characterized cannabinoids which bind to the CB1 receptor”.  It is even possible that THCP may be partially responsible for variance in psychotropic effects throughout strains.  More research is definitely needed, but THCP is certainly off to an intriguing start.

The mice studies also conclude that THCP is significantly more psychoactive than delta 9.  Unfortunately, there has not yet been a corresponding study conducted on humans to analyze the effects of THCP or HHCP.  Based on the information we do have, we know that THCP and HHCP are incredibly potent.  Both are stronger than THC, and it is due to their extra carbon atoms.  It will certainly be exciting to see what the future holds for both of these cannabinoids, and what else scientists are able to uncover.

How you can try them:

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