DVNT HHC Prerolls- 9 Reasons to Try


It’s time to highlight some of my favorite products on the site- DVNT HHC prerolls.  In the modern age, there’s more choices than ever when it comes to, well, everything.  So, why should you choose DVNT?  Read on to learn why our HHC prerolls are the answer the next time you’re looking for feel good relaxation that you can actually feel good about.

1. A strain for every occasion

DVNT HHC prerolls are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid.  No matter what your mood or situation dictates, there’s a preroll for that.  Start your day with sativa and enjoy that hype morning buzz alongside your coffee.  Tackle a work problem with poise and confidence after hitting a hybrid.  Unwind and shake off the events of the day with indulgent indica.

2. Terps that treat

Who says deliciousness is only deserved with dessert?  Satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar.  Flavor your “me time” with fancy flavors like Tres Leches, Pink Lemonade, or Orange Creamsicle.  Our delectable terps will have you feeling satiated and relaxed.  My favorite is definitely the Pink Lemonade.  It’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart that leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

3. CBG

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is typically only found in trace amounts in adult hemp and cannabis plants.  We’ve done the hard work for you and harvested this relaxing cannabinoid so you can unwind in style.  CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid comparable to CBD.  But just because it doesn’t get you high doesn’t mean it can’t help you relax.  And good things happen when cannabinoids work together…

4. The Entourage Effect

You may have heard this term thrown around before, but what exactly is The Entourage Effect?  This phenomenon describes the theory that cannabinoids work better together than they do alone.  Our prerolls deliver the dynamic duo of CBG and HHC so you can experience the magic for yourself.

5. Quality

HHC offers a less paranoid high than traditional delta 9.  Don’t give yourself unnecessary paranoia over what you’re smoking.  We use organic ingredients and our products are lab-tested so you can toss your worries to the curb and focus on elevating your enjoyment and experiencing euphoria.  You can even see the lab reports for yourself here.

6. 98% customer service rating

In case you’re still on the fence?  The people love us and you will too.  Our rating speaks for itself.  Join the ranks of other satisfied deviants and give DVNT HHC prerolls a try today.

7. Long shelf life

Looking to be prepared?  HHC has a longer shelf life than other cannabinoids.  It is not as susceptible to damage from heat or oxygen.  This means you can shop ahead with our boxes of prerolls and be set for the coming months.  Hey, even get ahead of your Christmas shopping and stock up on stocking stuffers for the special stoners in your life.

8. Convenience

Our online ordering system could not be any easier.  Order your supply any time, anywhere, and have products delivered straight to your door.  Waste no time rolling up, and cut straight to the business of getting high as soon as your package arrives.

9. Feel good

My favorite thing about HHC?  I don’t experience the burnout that I often get after smoking delta 9.  It’s the perfect addition to my day that doesn’t slow me down or leave me off task.  I feel relaxed, creative, and my mind feels perfectly stimulated.  Whether delta 9 is legal in your state or not, HHC is a refreshing option to throw into the mix.  

The bottom line?  If you’re looking for enjoyment you can feel good about, DVNT HHC prerolls are the move.  Whatever your day throws at you, there’s a preroll for that.  Our lab tests are available for you to confirm you’re getting exactly what you think you’re getting.  Plus, our existing customers love us and you will too.  Interested in more?  Check out our gummies and vapes.  DVNT gummies pack a serious punch, so if you have a higher tolerance, these are definitely for you.  Our HHC disposable vapes also offer different strains and terps for every occasion, but in vape form!  Choose what’s right for you and enjoy the whole euphoric experience.