Why Are HHC Vapes So Popular In 2022?



HHC vapes are the latest new trend in the ever growing cannabis industry.  But what makes HHC vapes so popular in 2022?  HHC users report a relaxed, euphoric high without the paranoia that comes with smoking traditional delta 9 THC.  The HHC high is a more energetic and stimulating experience in comparison to the sluggish, sleepy body high experienced with traditional delta 9 THC, or even delta 8.  This makes HHC vapes the perfect option for a quick (and federally legal!) mid-day or morning smoke. 

In a society where we are expected to be reachable at all times, and the demand for productivity is high, we can’t afford to slow down or drop the ball.  DVNT has the HHC vapes to suit the needs of every user.  As cannabis users age out of their experimentation phases and their to do lists grow longer, HHC offers the ideal solution for those who want to add a little zest to their day without risking burnout. Whether you’re headed to the gym or the drawing board, our HHC vapes will keep you moving without losing your focus or dulling your senses.

HHC vapes are legal on a federal level because the cannabinoid is derived from hemp, which makes them a viable option for some users who don’t have access to legal recreational cannabis.  While delta-8 faces legal backlash and complicated legislation in several states, HHC is the obvious choice as it has not yet been subject to the same level of scrutiny. Check out what the laws are in your state here.  Delta 8 users in states where it is legal have still been opting to try or switch to HHC because even delta 8 has the potential to produce effects of paranoia in large dosages. 


Even traditional cannabis users looking for a more relaxed and smooth experience without the paranoia can rest assured knowing that DVNT has the perfect HHC vapes for whatever vibe they’re looking for.  With options for sativa, hybrid, and indica, these HHC vapes allow you to choose your own adventure for anywhere, any time.  Consumers report that they feel the effects of HHC vapes between one and five minutes after inhalation, which make them a great alternative to edibles which can take an hour or more to kick in.  Unlike traditional cartridges, there’s no need to fuss over finding the right battery or adapter.  DVNT HHC vapes feature a sleek and user friendly design to provide near instantaneous effects wether you’re hanging out or on the go.


DVNT HHC vapes contain different terpenes, the essential oils found in plants (in this case hemp), which contribute to their flavor and aroma.  Just like various smells emanate from wine in a U-shaped glass, the terpenes in both hemp and marijuana flow through your senses as you indulge in any cannabis product, and the experience varies from terp to terp as much as it would for someone sampling different types of wine.  DVNT offers Strawberry Yum and Banana Cream for a fun and fruit-forward experience; Gorilla Glue if you want something a little more earthy, and Zkittlez if you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying without the risk of cavities.  The carefully curated different flavors and smells add a delightfully delectable element to your high, and there’s a DVNT HHC vape for whatever flavor you’re craving.

As 2022 draws to a close and we continue to seek out the latest and greatest in everything while juggling careers, side hustles, holiday stress- I mean cheer, unprecedented times, and whatever else life decides to throw our way, DVNT HHC vapes are an absolute must-have.  A relaxed, euphoric high without the paranoia of traditional delta 9 is precisely what the (hypothetical) doctor ordered in our ever evolving modern age.  With a flavor for every mood, a strain for every time of day, it’s high time you tried a DVNT HHC vape.