Does HHC Actually Get You High?


When I first smoked Delta 8 I felt a little relaxed, but didn’t really get that high feeling I was looking for. I couldn’t smoke weed (THC) because it isn’t legal in my state and I don’t want to deal with the repercussions of getting caught.

Then one day I stumbled across DVNT HHC Blunts. These things are the truth. No doubts here. Smoke one of these bad boys and you’ll start feeling LIT! I went over to my neighbors house and we shared one of DVNT’s HHC Blunts and we were both surprised at how high we actually got. This stuff is no joke!

I’ve tried everything DVNT has and I have to say, these DVNT HHC Blunts HIT! DVNT HHC Vapes are great if you prefer vaping to smoking Blunts or Prerolls. Every time you hit a DVNT Vape you get a nice clean pull. A few hits of DVNT Vapes and you’ll be feeling right. Seriously THEY GET YOU LIT!

Oh did I mention DVNT makes HHC Prerolls? DVNT HHC Prerolls are perfect if you need a quick break to get a nice buzz going. I love these things. They come in packs of 10 Prerolls and they have 3 flavors of HHC and 2 flavors of Delta 8. DVNT HHC Prerolls are the go to when I’m smoking alone but if I have a friend or two with me we’re sparking up that DVNT HHC Blunt and GETTING LIT!