10 Reasons Why Disposable Vape Pens Are So Popular


Every day it seems we’re given more and more options in the quickly growing cannabis market, with HHC being the latest star on the scene.  Even with such a wide range of choices, disposable vape pens remain a popular grab for consumers.  But what makes disposable vape pens so popular?  Let’s find out!

1. Convenience

With disposable vape pens, there’s no need to keep track of chargers and adapters.  Simply grab your disposable vape pen, and go.  No worries about batteries that grow useless over time, or sticky carts that decide to leak and ruin your battery as well as the inside of your pocket or purse.  It’s also the fastest way to feel the effects you’re looking for- no lighters, no ash trays, no waiting around for the edibles to kick in, just puff and enjoy.

2. Discretion

Using a disposable vape pen is infinitely less conspicuous than smoking.  The aroma of a disposable vape pen does not linger the same way that it would from a joint or a blunt.  Because of this, users can indulge on the low without even needing to step outside, or feeling like they’re waving a big sign around that says “Hey everyone! I’m using cannabis right now!!”.

3. Variety

Whether you’re looking for a sativa, hybrid, or indica, there’s a disposable vape pen for you.  Here at DVNT, we also offer four different terpene selections for our disposable HHC vape pens- banana cream, gorilla glue, strawberry yum, and zkittlez.  These terps make for a smooth, pleasant experience that tastes as good as it feels.  My favorite is definitely the strawberry yum which tastes exactly like a strawberry Laffy Taffy. This amazing selection can be found here.

4. Legality

Not all fifty states support legal recreational cannabis at this time, and even delta 8 has had a hard time with state legislation.  Enter the HHC disposable vape pen.  HHC is legal in twenty-four states, so users can ditch the anxiety that comes from doing something illegal and focus on enjoying their high in peace.

5. No Paranoia

HHC disposable vape pens offer the perfect high, without the paranoia and anxiety that come with smoking traditional delta 9 THC.  Users can relax and go about their day without suddenly entering a bad head space.

6. Might Help You Sleep

DVNT offers two different indica disposable HHC vape pens- strawberry yum and zkittlez.  Either one of these makes for a delightful sweet treat before bed so you can hit the pillow feeling calm, ready to fall asleep and stay asleep.

7. Controlled Dosage

Who wants to take the time to light a whole joint if you only want to take one or two hits?  With a disposable vape pen, you control exactly how much or how little you want to smoke without the hassle of lighting up.

8. Low Maintenance

With a disposable vape pen, there’s absolutely nothing to clean and nothing else to store.  No additional work is required from the consumer after purchase- the product comes ready to use and enjoy immediately, with zero assembly required.

9. Portability

Disposable vape pens can fit into most pockets or any purse and they won’t stink up your clothes while they do it.  They’re light, they’re compact, they’re the ideal companion to any day out whether it’s a trip to the beach or the most jam packed day in your planner.

10. Fun

There I said it, these disposable vape pens are just plain fun.  I find my mood elevated, my brain stimulated, and my body relaxed without feeling desperate for a nap.  The high is extremely enjoyable and perfect for whatever tasks and adventures lie ahead on any day. 

To sum things up, disposable vape pens are popular for many reasons.  They’re less conspicuous than other methods of cannabis consumption, and can be easily used almost anywhere.  Users can control their precise dosage while enjoying whatever flavor and strain fits their needs.  At DVNT, our HHC disposable vape pens have you covered whether you’re waking and baking, looking for a mid-day pick me up, or unwinding before a good night’s sleep.