What Are HHC Vapes- And Why Are They Getting So Popular?


What is HHC?

HHC vapes have been taking the cannabis industry by storm lately.  But what are they and why are they getting so popular?  Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, was initially created by American chemist Roger Adams in 1945 when he added hydrogen to delta 9 THC found in cannabis sativa.  Currently, HHC is derived from hemp produced CBD, which has allowed its production to thrive due to the fact that hemp was declared federally legal in the United States in 2018.  HHC is reported to produce a milder high than traditional delta 9 THC, and the experience is described as euphoric and relaxing.  I love how relaxed I feel without being too lethargic, and it’s easy to see why HHC has become such a popular cannabinoid.


HHC vapes have soared in popularity largely due to the fact that hemp does not face the same legal scrutiny in the US as marijuana.  Recreational cannabis is currently only legal twenty-two states (less than half the country!), leaving twenty-eight states’ worth of people in need of an alternative if they want to unwind legally.  HHC vapes can be ordered online and shipped all over the country more easily than traditional delta 9 THC products. Check the laws in your state here.

Great High

Aside from being legal on a national level, HHC vapes are awesome because they offer the perfect high for any occasion.  HHC vapes are the ideal delivery system, allowing users to puff as many or as few times as they want to fly as high as they desire.  Consumers can experience a pleasant, uplifting experience without the paranoia that can sometimes accompany a delta 9 high.  HHC also gets the job done for anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep without the racing mind that often comes with traditional weed.


Whether you’re looking for a morning jolt, an afternoon pick me up, or to wind down before bed, there’s an HHC vape for you.  DVNT offers indica, hybrid, and sativa options which can all be found here.  The different terps make for a flavorful experience with flavors like banana cream and strawberry yum if you want something fruit forward; gorilla glue for an earthy vibe, or zkittlez if you have a candy craving that needs satiating.  With this many choices available, it’s no wonder that HHC vapes have become so popular.


HHC vapes offer the ideal high in arguably the most convenient delivery system.  No need to play with fire by sparking up, or trying to time your edible dosage so it hits you at the perfect time.  Effects are near instantaneous, and the HHC vape fits inside most pockets or any purse.  The design is sturdier than separate cartridge and battery setups, and you don’t have to worry about the vape leaking or breaking super easily.  The vape arrives charged and ready to use with zero assembly required, so all you have to do is unwrap and enjoy.  With its sleek design and yummy scents, HHC vapes are perfect for any setting and can be used super discreetly so that no one needs to know the secret to your elevated mood.  The pens smell amazing and the scent doesn’t linger for a long time after you’ve finished puffing, so you don’t have to worry about skunking up the room or feeling obligated to step outside.

With the demands of the modern world that needs everything done faster, it’s no wonder HHC vapes have climbed in popularity.  Here at DVNT, we offer HHC vapes that are ready to use and enjoy instantly, to keep you on the go.  You won’t experience burn out so no need to break your day’s busy stride in order to indulge.  I love that I feel the effects immediately and can control my dosage super easily.  HHC vapes are super portable, super discreet, and super fun for any occasion.  I use mine most before the gym to pregame the endorphin high I’m about to get, but it’s also ideal for an errand-packed day, city exploring, cooking dinner, and everything else in between.