How Long Does Delta 8 Stay In Your System?


We’ve all heard the rumors on how long you have to quit smoking cannabis before a drug test.  Thirty days, drink lots of water, everyone has something to say on the best way to get THC out of your system.  But what about delta 8?  How long does delta 8 stay in your system?  Whether you’ve got a test coming up for employment, legal reasons, or you’re just interested, this is good information to have if you’re someone who enjoys delta 8.  No test?  No problem!  Check out our incredible selection of delta 8 gummies, prerolls, and blunts.

Science explained

So in order to understand how long delta 8 stays in your system, we have to understand what happens when you consume delta 8 and why it leaves traceable components in the body that can be detected by a test.  It turns out, delta 8 and delta 9 are processed by the body in pretty much the same way.  This is because delta 8 and delta 9 are extremely similar on a molecular level.  When you smoke delta 8, your body clears some of the cannabinoid out of your system fairly quickly after using.  A portion of the delta 8 in your system is still there even after this process.  The cannabinoid needs to be processed by the liver.  The metabolites are then stored in your fat cells (just like delta 9).  

How often you use

How long does delta 8 stay in your system?  This depends largely on how often you use.  It hardly seems fair, but someone who smokes delta 8 just once can clear it out of their system much faster than a regular user.  According to GoodRx, occasional delta 8 users could have it out of their system in as little as two to five days.  Regular users could take up to fifteen days to eliminate delta 8, and users with higher body fat could take as long as thirty days.  

What you’re testing for

In addition to type of usage, the test also plays a key role in determining whether delta 8 will show up or not.  Delta 8 and delta 9 may present in the same way on drug tests.  This goes back to that molecular similarity I mentioned earlier.  Not only that, but employers and courts are catching on to delta 8 being a great alternative to delta 9.  Existing drug tests can actually distinguish between delta 8 and delta 9.  So, don’t think you’re pulling a fast one by opting for delta 8 instead of delta 9 to pass a test.  It sadly won’t work.

Type of test

Urine, blood, saliva, and hair tests all have different timelines for detecting delta 8.  According to Healthline, a urine test will show THC use (which applies to both delta 8 and delta 9) anywhere between 3 and 30 days post-use.  For someone who uses delta 8 once, it is likely to show up for up to three days.  A moderate user (described here as four times per week), can expect to see it on the test up to 7 days after last use.  Someone who uses daily will see it up to 15 days post-use.  Chronic heavy users (people who consume delta 8 multiple times per day) can expect to take 30 days or more to clear it completely from their system.

Blood tests will typically only pick up THC use within the past 2-12 hours.  Unfortunately, if you’re a multiple times a day smoker, it can show up even 30 days later.  Saliva tests will detect THC up to 24 hours post consumption.  Unless, of course, you smoke more frequently.  This time frame will change to up to 72 hours.

The less common hair follicle tests can identify THC up to 90 days post-use.  This is because the cannabinoids travel through the blood vessels and into the hair follicles after use.  Luckily, hair tests are not used as often because they are more expensive than other testing methods.

Other factors

You may have heard about the lack of regulation in the delta 8 market.  If you’re not getting your products from a reputable source (like DVNT), you run the risk of consuming traceable amounts of delta 9 even in products marketed as strictly delta 8.  This is why it’s important to do your research before buying.  Here at DVNT, our products are organic and lab tested so you know exactly what you’re getting.  

Aside from the risk of there being other, undisclosed cannabinoids present in your products, there are other factors to consider.  Every body is different.  Fat content and metabolism both contribute to how long delta 8 does stay in your system.  If you prefer to eat your cannabinoids, they may show up in your system for a longer time than someone who exclusively smokes.  This is because the cannabinoids in edibles are metabolized more slowly than when they are smoked, so the whole process takes longer in every way.  Curious about delta 8 edibles?  Learn more here.

The bottom line

If you need to pass a drug test, it’s best to avoid delta 8.  Be honest with yourself and your habits to determine just how long before the test you need to abstain.  Keep in mind factors such as type of drug test and how frequently you smoke or eat d8.  And don’t think that delta 8 will pass through your system more quickly than delta 9. The two are so similar that this is sadly not the case.