How Do Delta 8 Edibles Work?


If you’re usually a delta 8 smoker and you’ve ever ingested an edible, then you have definitely noticed there is a drastic difference between the two consumption methods.  Differences include onset time, how the high feels, and how long the high lasts, to name a few.  But why is that?  How do delta 8 edibles work?  If you’re finally ready to understand what’s actually happening inside your body after you eat a gummy, keep reading.

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Why do they take so long to kick in?

The main difference between edibles and smoking or vaping is the onset times.  Smoking and vaping deliver an almost instantaneous effect, while delta 8 edibles can take a couple hours to fully kick in.  This delay in onset time is what typically prompts users to eat a higher dosage than they need. Unfortunately, this often results in them becoming much higher than expected when the edibles do finally kick in.  This difference in onset is explained by metabolism.

So, how delta 8 edibles work has everything to do with digestion.  After you eat a delta 8 edible, it travels down the esophagus and eventually reaches the stomach.  Here, the stomach uses acids and enzymes to digest the edible.  The stomach lining absorbs the delta 8.  Next, the d8 reaches the liver, where it is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC.  This new substance then crosses the blood-brain barrier, and finally gets you high.

11-hydroxy-THC is considered to be 2-3 times as potent as THC.  Milligram to milligram, delta 8 can feel more potent when ingested than when inhaled, even if it takes a while to get there.

Looking for a high that really lasts?  Delta 8 edibles deliver a longer lasting high than the high that comes from vaping or smoking.  The high can last anywhere between 4-6 hours.

Other factors

We know it takes longer to feel the effects of an edible than it does to get high from smoking.  That being said, there are a few other factors that come into play regarding onset times.  

What type of food the delta 8 has been made into makes a difference.  Hard candy, including lollipops and lozenges, will yield effects faster than anything that is swallowed.  This is because the delta 8 is absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth.  Since these types of food don’t need to be digested, they are essentially taking a shortcut to getting you high.  

Individual metabolism plays a key role in determining edible onset times.  This also comes down to other traits such as age, weight, and health.  An older person may experience a longer delay in onset than a younger person because metabolism tends to slow down as we age.

Delta 8 edibles will kick in faster if you eat them on an empty stomach.  Still in a hurry?  Exercise is another way to speed things along.  Post consumption, exercise gets that delta 8 moving into the bloodstream faster by increasing heart rate and blood flow.

The bottom line

How do delta 8 edibles work?  Like all other food, they need to be digested.  This process takes time, unless you choose to take the shortcut and skip digestion altogether with a lollipop or something similar.  Assuming you went the traditional route, that delta 8 eventually gets absorbed into the stomach lining and passed on to the liver, where it becomes 11-hydroxy-THC.  This is a more potent substance than THC, so if you’ve ever felt like you had a decent tolerance, and yet you were still personally victimized by edibles, this might be why.  

Bear in mind that there are other factors to consider when trying to guess when those delta 8 edibles will kick in.  Always wait a few hours before eating more delta 8, and start with a smaller dose until you know how it will affect you.