6 Benefits Of Delta 8

delta 8 thc popular

Delta 8 has taken quite the journey in recent years.  What started as a cannabinoid only known to chemists and other players in the cannabis industry is now widely available in head shops, gas stations, and of course, online.  This explosion in popularity means everyone has something to say about delta 8.  From legislators to stoners, to parents, to scientists, there is no shortage of discourse on the topic.  If you’re curious about delta 8, but don’t know where to begin, then this is for you.  Read on to discover the benefits of delta 8, and why “THC’s nicer younger sibling” is making a splash nationwide.

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1. Federally Legal

Wondering why delta 8 only just became popular recently?  It’s due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.  This bill legalized hemp on a federal level.  The intent was to increase production for things like clothing, rope, and food.  Unintentionally, this bill also legalized cannabinoids as long as they’re derived from hemp.  Hemp is legally defined as cannabis containing .3% or less delta 9 THC.  Though d8 is federally legal, certain states have been implementing bans and restrictions of their own.  Stay up to date with what’s going on in your state, and check out this guide for an overview of delta 8 laws by state (current as of August 2023).

2. Less Anxiety/Paranoia

Delta 8 is about half as potent as traditional THC.  Some might see this as a bummer, but the reduced potency generally means that users are less susceptible to paranoia and anxiety.  In this 521-person survey, 74% of delta 8 users reported that they did not experience anxiety.  83% said they did not experience paranoia.  

3. Lower Potency

As mentioned above, delta 8 has a lower potency.  Aside from delivering a less anxious high, the reduced potency can be just what you need if you’re looking to stay lifted and productive.  Whether you have a lower tolerance or a long to-do list, lower potency is definitely one of the benefits when it comes to delta 8.  

4. CB2 Interaction

The reason that delta 8 is less potent than delta 9 is because it doesn’t attach to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system as securely.  When it comes to the CB2 receptors, however, delta 8 and delta 9 bond with a similar affinity.  When activated, the CB2 receptors can reduce inflammation.  This is great news for users looking for relief without getting too high.

5. Feel Good

One of the benefits of delta 8 is its mood-enhancing properties.  Of course, this all varies from person to person.  That being said, 68% of participants in that survey I mentioned earlier reported feelings of euphoria.  I’m just saying, these people didn’t just feel good, they felt damn good.  Take it how you will, but I think it’s pretty encouraging.

6. Relax

A key reason that people enjoy various cannabinoids is to help them relax.  If you’re part of that group, then delta 8 is for you.  71% of respondents in the above mentioned survey claimed they felt a lot or a great deal of relaxation.  The reasons for this come down to delta 8’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system.  Since it’s not attaching to the CB1 receptors as strongly as delta 9, users still experience a high, but are less likely to be paranoid or anxious.  That interaction with the CB2 receptors is just as strong, so users don’t sacrifice those benefits by opting for delta 8 instead of delta 9.  All this to say, if you’re looking for a dose of calm, delta 8 is here to deliver.

The bottom line:

Delta 8 is a wonderful alternative to delta 9.  The reduced potency means you can stay focused while adding a little buzz to your day.  Worried about being worried?  One of the key benefits of delta 8 is that users experience less anxiety and paranoia than they do with traditional THC.  This cannabinoid is federally legal, so if your state hasn’t legalized recreational cannabis yet, this might be good news for you!  Whatever your reasons are for enjoying cannabinoids, you can relax, feel good, and unwind with delta 8.