HHC vs Delta 8


Both HHC and delta 8 have made a splash in recent years.  The two cannabinoids have been praised as alternatives to traditional delta 9 THC among aficionados and novices alike.  Whether you’re looking to scale back from THC, or dive into something new, both HHC and delta 8 can offer solutions.  But which cannabinoid is right for you?  Read on to learn more about each cannabinoid, and discover the differences in HHC vs delta 8.

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While both HHC and delta 8 have really only become famous recently, they aren’t “new”.  HHC (short for hexahydrocannabinol) was initially synthesized in the 1940s by American chemist Roger Adams.  A man super ahead of his time, Adams created HHC by adding two hydrogen molecules to delta 9 THC.  This process, known as hydrogenation, is also used to create margarine from vegetable oil.  Today, HHC can be made using hydrogenation from other hemp-derived cannabinoids, including delta 8.

Delta 8, on the other hand, is a form of THC.  Unlike delta 9 THC (the main form of THC), delta 8 only occurs in trace amounts.  The difference between delta 8 and delta 9 lies in their molecular structure.  Both cannabinoids contain a double bond on a chain of carbon atoms; delta 8’s double bond is on the eighth carbon atom, while delta 9’s double bond is on the ninth carbon atom.  Since delta 8 is so scarce, most, if not all, of the delta 8 on the market today is made from the process of isomerization.  Through this process, hemp-derived CBD can be modified into usable quantities delta 8.


Both HHC and delta 8 are less potent than delta 9.  Delta 8 is estimated to be 50% as potent as delta 9, while HHC is estimated to be about 70-80% as potent as delta 9.  If you’re someone with a lower tolerance, delta 8 is probably a good starting point.  That being said, if you’re looking for the same level of high you would experience with traditional THC, if you smoke more delta 8 or HHC, you’ll eventually get there.  Anecdotally, I’ve found HHC to be a little more stimulating than delta 8.  

‘Delta 8’s reduced potency isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Participants in this survey had positive responses to the cannabinoid.  74% denied experiencing anxiety, while 83% claimed they experienced no paranoia.  If these are problems that you typically encounter while high, then delta 8 might be worth a try.

Shelf life

Another difference between HHC vs delta 8, is that HHC has a longer shelf life.  This means that it is less prone to degradation from light, heat, and oxygen.  So, if you’re someone that likes to stock up and be prepared, or maybe you just don’t smoke that much, HHC might be the cannabinoid for you.  You can take advantage of our boxes of HHC blunts without the fear of them going stale before you can enjoy them.


HHC and delta 8 are both legal on a federal level, provided they are derived from hemp.  This is thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.  This bill legalized hemp on a federal level.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less delta 9 THC by weight.  However, since then, individual states have been responding with legislation of their own.  Some states have added specific laws that govern delta 8 (since it’s a form of THC), but say nothing regarding HHC.  Other states have imposed restrictions or bans on both cannabinoids.  The laws change constantly, so definitely do your research before enjoying either cannabinoid.

The bottom line

If you’re curious about hemp-derived cannabinoids, then delta 8 and HHC are both good places to start.  Whether you should try HHC vs delta 8 is a tough debate, but there are key differences between both cannabinoids.  HHC is more potent than delta 8, which makes it a good option for users with a higher tolerance.  HHC also has a longer shelf life, so if you know you won’t be digging into your supply for a while, HHC is the obvious choice.  However, delta 8 is still an excellent option for those looking for a milder experience.  Users looking to avoid anxiety and paranoia may find relief with delta 8.  Whichever cannabinoid you choose, DVNT has you covered with blunts and prerolls.  Shop our selection of lab tested products, and compare the two for yourself!