6 Reasons To Try Our HHC Prerolls


HHC prerolls can be a great addition to your routine.  Whether you’re an HHC aficionado, trying for the first time, or simply looking for an alternative to THC, our prerolls have you covered.  Read on to learn more about HHC, our prerolls, and what sets us apart from other brands.

In the meantime, you can check out our HHC prerolls right here.

1. A strain for every occasion

Whether you’re smoking to add a little pizazz to your to-do list, unwind before bed, or something in the middle, there’s a preroll for that.  Start your day with a stimulating sativa!  Our sativa varietal is pink lemonade (always my favorite).  It’s truly the perfect mix of sweet and tart.  If you’re looking to wash your worries away and get ready for sleep with an indica, savor the flavor of tres leches.  Alternatively, you can celebrate the best of both worlds with our hybrid.  This sweet treat is an orange creamsicle that will have you thinking of summer, no matter the weather.  Whatever life throws at you, we’ve got you covered.

2. More than just HHC

When you smoke one of our HHC prerolls, you’re getting more than just HHC.  Our prerolls also include CBG.  What is CBG?  This cannabinoid is found in younger plants.  As the plants mature, CBG is converted to other cannabinoids.  We’ve done the hard part and harvested this lesser known delight for you.  Unlike HHC, it’s not psychoactive.  However, it has the potential to offer therapeutic effects, similar to CBD.  Paired together, you can experience the entourage effect for yourself.  This phenomenon describes the way that cannabinoids work synergistically to affect your body differently than they would on their own.

3. Reliable lab testing

Here at DVNT, all of our products are lab tested.  The hemp industry is vastly unregulated, but we believe in doing the right thing, simply because it’s the right thing to do.  You deserve to shop with confidence, and to know exactly what is (and isn’t) in the products you’re consuming.  Lab testing ensures that we deliver you the proper amounts of each cannabinoid.  It’s also necessary to make sure there’s no leftover byproducts from the cannabinoid conversion and extraction process.  We share these results with you right on our site so you can shop smart while staying lit.

4. Feel good

HHC is less potent than traditional delta 9 THC.  That being said, reduced potency isn’t always a bad thing.  If you’re looking to stay on task without totally slowing down or losing your focus, then HHC might be for you.  Whether you’re writing, exercising, cleaning, or doing something a little more fun, HHC can give you that little creative boost to take you where you need to be.

5. Ultimate convenience

We know you’re busy.  Who has time to pull up to a dispensary during their limited hours, wait in line, and head back home?  Or worse, who has time to make and remake plans with their less than reliable weed guy?  Skip all of that nonsense and shop on your time.  You can access our site day or night, and have our HHC prerolls shipped straight to your door.  

6. Federally legal

Is your state a little behind the times?  As we know, cannabis is legal either medicinally, recreationally, or for both uses in a large portion of the country.  However, there’s a few states that still haven’t budged.  In 2018, hemp became legal on a federal level.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less delta 9 THC.  Through this definition, hemp derived cannabinoids became legal as well.  This includes HHC.  So, if your state hasn’t implemented legislation of its own in order to govern HHC, then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy our HHC prerolls without legal worries.  Just be sure to stay up to date with what’s going on in your state, as the laws do change frequently.

The bottom line

Whatever your reason for wanting to try HHC, you can count on our HHC prerolls to deliver you an optimal experience.  With varietals in indica, sativa, and hybrid, there’s a preroll for every occasion.  You’ll love our delicious terpenes, and savor the sweet treat at any time of day.  With the reliability of lab tested products, you can rest assured that you’re shopping smart.  Experience the delight of HHC, without the intensity of delta 9.  And with our convenient online store, access to HHC truly could not be any easier.