7 Reasons To Try Our HHC Blunts


There has been an explosion of different cannabinoids on the market in recent years.  Gone are the days when THC dominated the conversation as a one-cannabinoid act.  As laws change, and more research is conducted on hemp and cannabis, we’ve seen an emersion of several other cannabinoids.  With so many to choose from, how do you know which is right for you?  You may have heard about HHC, but have you tried it yet?  If you’re thinking about changing up your routine, keep reading to learn more about our HHC blunts.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick link to shop these blunts, you can find that here.

1. HHC: not too strong, not too weak

HHC’s potency is estimated to lie somewhere between delta 8 and THC.  Skip the burnout and paranoia, and opt for something a little lighter that won’t disrupt your day.  I personally find HHC to be more stimulating than either delta 8 or THC.  This is especially true with our sativa varietal.  Pepper in a dose of relaxation without bringing your day’s productivity to a halt.

2. CBG

When you smoke one of our blunts, you’re getting more than just HHC.  We’re also delivering you a dose of CBG.  Unfamiliar with CBG?  CBG is a cannabinoid found in young cannabis and hemp plants.  By the time the plants mature, CBG is converted to other cannabinoids.  We do the hard part for you and extract this often skipped over cannabinoid.  It’s not psychoactive, but still has therapeutic potential.  By enjoying HHC and CBG in the same dose, you can experience the legendary entourage effect.

3. Quality

We know you have a million choices when it comes to, well, everything.  In a vastly unregulated market, we choose to do the right thing by lab testing all of our products.  We post the results right on our site for you to peruse.  Take control of what you’re putting into your body by knowing what is (and isn’t) in our products.  Lab testing is essential as it ensures our final products are exactly as advertised.  Most importantly, they’re free of contaminants that may be leftover from the extraction process.

4. Convenience

You can shop our site on your own time.  No need for a trip to the dispensary, or trying to get a hold of your less than reliable weed guy.  Our site is accessible 24/7.  Truly, nothing could be more convenient than having our blunts delivered straight to your door.

5. Skip the mess

Crafting a blunt takes patience, and time.  Who wants to take the time to do that while all your friends breathe down your neck and put the pressure on?  Also, who wants to smoke something covered in someone else’s saliva?  In this post-2020 world, that’s a hard no.  Skip the germs, the mess, and the stress.  Our blunts arrive totally ready to smoke.  Simply unwrap, light up, and enjoy.

6. You deserve a sweet treat

Our HHC blunts are reminiscent of summer sweetness.  No matter what the weather’s doing, or what time of year it is, you can unwind and find yourself in a delicious Pineapple Haze.  The flavor is just right, not super overbearing, but enough to send you on a getaway to a tropical beach with the sun hitting your skin.

7. Long shelf life

One of the great things about HHC is that it has a longer shelf life than other cannabinoids.  It’s less susceptible to damage from light, heat, and oxygen.  So, if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, dive in with our box of blunts!  You can stock up without worrying about your supply going bad before you can enjoy it.  

The bottom line

Our HHC blunts are the answer if you’re looking to spice up your routine, without the burnout.  You can shop with confidence and peruse our lab tested products on your own schedule.  Our blunts arrive straight to your door, conveniently ready to use.  With delicious pineapple flavor, nothing could be more sweetly satisfying.  Whether you’re ready to smoke the day of delivery, or are stocking up for a special occasion, HHC’s long shelf life means you can plan ahead for anything life throws at you.  Whatever your reason, try an HHC blunt today.