5 Best Indica Self Care Rituals


If you’ve been following along with recent posts, you’ve probably guessed that indica activities would be next. According to, “indica is a classification of marijuana known for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities”.  We already know that indicas are great before sleep or for watching comedies with friends.  But what about some suggestions that are off the beaten path?  Unlike the list of best chores to complete while under the influence of a sativa, this list will not be very productive.  It focuses more on self care, and simply being present in the moment and enjoying our surroundings and our company.  Read on for some fun ideas for the next time you indulge in these less-active strains.  Once again, for legal and safety reasons, I do not suggest that you drive while high or indulge while in the presence of children. 

1. Massage

Whether you’re staying home and having a friend or partner work out all those tight muscles or seeing a professional, our indica products are an amazing way to wind down and fully relax beforehand.  Quiet that restless mind and loosen your body so you can enjoy the experience.  I once spent a full hour of a professional massage agonizing over work problems I was having that day and I have to say, I do not recommend the experience.  Self care should be exactly that: self care.  To do lists and problem solving will be there waiting for you whenever you get off the table, so make the most of the experience and go into it feeling zen and ready to unwind.

2. Finger Paint

When was the last time you produced a piece of artwork?  I have all the supplies but never seem to get around to it.  Paint and sip is all the rage these days, but why let the wine drinkers have all the fun?  (Also, can you not literally always tell when you’re looking at a paint and sip painting?)  Think outside the box, grab some friends, and share one of our indica blunts.  You know what really takes the pressure off of producing anything “good”?  Finger painting!  No one expects something that was finger painted to be photo-realistic.  Also, art doesn’t have to be “good” to be considered art.  This is a great no-frills way to get back in touch with your creative side in the comfort of your own home.  You’ll love the texture of the paint and the whimsy of it all.  Go for something abstract or paint portraits of each other and giggle over what a silly, stress-free time you’re having.

3. Beach

Depending where you live, it may not quite be beach weather just yet.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to go.  Indulge in your favorite of our indicas, dress accordingly, and enjoy the change of scenery.  Layer up as much as you need to in order to be warm in spite of the wind.  Odds are, there won’t be many people there to judge you anyway.  Spread out a blanket, lie back, and feel the texture of the sand under your blanket.  Listen to the waves rolling into shore, and just be present and enjoy your environment.  Finish off your excursion with some ice cream and manifest the warmer days that lie ahead.

4. Star Gazing

This will work best if you are somewhere without a lot of light pollution during a new moon.  Find your spot, spread out with blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate, and light up.  Open your mind to how people created constellations out of the glowing pinpricks in the sky.  Use a constellation map to see which ones you can spot, or even make up your own!  Check out one of the star gazing apps available to see if any planets are visible.  Appreciate our space in the vastness of the universe, and let the night sky humble and inspire you.

5. Listen to an Album from Start to Finish

Getting high and listening to music is definitely nothing new.  But when was the last time you just listened to music?  Not while driving, cleaning, exercising, or out in public?  I’m definitely guilty of not being an “active” listener when I have music on.  Throw on some noise cancelling headphones, light some candles and an indica preroll, and just listen.  Appreciate the lyrics when you have nothing to distract you.  Notice new things in the music that you didn’t pick up on previously.  This works whether it’s a brand new album, an older band you’ve only heard about, or a record from your favorite artist.  Take the music from the background to the foreground and simply enjoy it as is, and task-free.

Life is full of distractions and the pressure to be performing productively literally all the time.  Slow down and just be with any of our indica products.  Not smoking til you reach your destination?  Choose between Strawberry Yum or Zkittlez and enjoy an HHC disposable vape for the ultimate convenience.  Hanging with friends?  Opt for our Purple Punch Delta 8 Blunts and avoid wasting time getting that blunt rolled and ready.  If a preroll is what you crave, look no further than our HHC Tres Leches indica prerolls.  No matter how you get lit, we’ve got you covered.