5 Best Hybrid Weekend Activities


A few days ago, I gave you a list of the five best chores to complete while enjoying a sativa high.  Today, I’m going to go through some weekend activities that are perfect for your next hybrid high.  What makes hybrids so special?  According to Leafly, a hybrid is “a cannabis plant that is the result of crossbreeding two other plants. Cannabis breeders often create hybrids to combine characteristics of the parent plants into one strain”.  

These strains are perfect for when you can’t decide between sativa and indica and want to experience the best of both worlds.  Obviously, you can do these activities any day of the week, so no matter your schedule, give these experiences a try when you can.  For legal and safety reasons just going to mention that I don’t support driving while high or using these products in front of children.  Be responsible, puff, and enjoy.

1. Baking

I would recommend starting with an easier recipe like cookies or brownies.  If you know what you’re doing and have an entire day to devote to the task, go for that seven layer cake!  Baking can be a great way to add a little fun and flavor to a task-heavy day.  A good hybrid can add just the right dose of relaxation and creativity for you to sail your way through whatever dessert speaks to you.  If you’re not too fussy about perfection, anything that involves decorating or spreading frosting or ganache can be extra relaxing.  No matter what recipe you choose, just remember that timers are very much going to be your friend during this operation.  Nothing’s worse than taking the time to bake and pulling burnt cookies out of the oven.  Assuming everything goes well, our yummy hybrid vapes won’t be the only sweet treats in your life.  

2. Yoga

Whether you’re walking to your favorite studio or taking a class on Zoom in your living room, yoga is a great way to care for both your mind and your body.  The best part?  There’s something for everyone.  You can choose between working up a sweat and quickly flowing through different sequences or simply focusing on your breathing as you hold long, relaxing poses.  However you practice, a hybrid high can help to relax a racing mind that struggles to be present and focused. Unlike an indica high, you won’t find yourself too sluggish to move so you can still flow freely.  Practicing at home?  Really lean into it by making your environment as cozy as you can.  Put up some string lights, use your favorite candles or incense, and cultivate a vibe. 

3. Nature Walks

What better way to appreciate nature than to enjoy some plant-based refreshment?  You can do this any time of the year as long as you’re properly outfitted.  Dress accordingly, pack plenty of water and snacks, and hit the trails!  Maybe even carry a blanket to sit on so you can pause and take it all in whenever the desire strikes.  Make sure you’re either familiar with the territory or have a map of the area.  This would be a great occasion to opt for our hybrid HHC disposable vape for on the go enjoyment without the risk of burning down the very thing you’re trying to appreciate.

4. Journaling

Get your creative flow on with any of our hybrid products, put pen to paper, and see what’s on your mind.  You might be surprised when you just let your thoughts run out of you without thinking too much about them.  Nothing you write has to be Newberry Award worthy.  Curate a comfy environment, or even incorporate this exercise with a nature walk.  Journaling can be super therapeutic, and it really is a low pressure task as no one has to read the results except for you.

5. Live Music

Remember how much live music had to be canceled not so long ago?  Make up for all that lost time and check out an aspiring local band or your favorite artist when they come around.  Clearly, I’m not the first person to point out that a good herbal refreshment makes for a great time when seeing live music.  But this old tradition most iconically enjoyed by those lucky enough to have been around for Woodstock is still alive and well today.  Whether you’re going to be pressed up against a barricade or sprawled out on a blanket for a lawn show, our hybrids will take you there.  Chill out, enjoy the music and the people, and cherish the magical wonder that is live music.

No matter what your plans are post-smoke, we have a hybrid treat for you.  If you’re looking to vape on the go, our Gorilla Glue hybrid HHC disposable vape offers a relaxing earthy flavor any time, anywhere.  If you prefer prerolls, our HHC hybrid Orange Creamsicle prerolls provide a citrusy zing to your high.  And if you’re in a group, we’ve got you covered with delta 8 Blue Dream and Runtz blunts.  I personally love the Runtz for a sour candy flavored treat.