5 Best Sativa Stoned Chores


Every day life only gets more and more overwhelming the older we get.  Whether you’re trying to crush it at school, juggle multiple jobs, or raising little ones, self care often gets pushed further and further down our never ending to do lists.  No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, the tasks just keep on coming and it can be hard to maintain a balance, let alone get ahead.  A good sativa can easily take your to-do list to a done list and leave you feeling relaxed and accomplished. According to, “Cannabis made from [sativa] is associated with a stimulating effect that gives users a buzz”.

With delta 8 and HHC the high isn’t as overwhelming as traditional delta 9, so you can maintain a certain degree of focus while still enjoying yourself.  For legal and safety reasons, I’m going to make it very clear right now that I do not advocate for driving while high or indulging in these products around young and impressionable children.  Save this list for when you’ve got a ride (or are staying home) and are flying solo or with other adults.

1. Reorganizing

I recommend you keep this one to a designated area, for example, the kitchen cabinets.  I actually just did this recently and I feel so relieved to finally cross it off my list.  Throw on some fast-paced music or a true crime podcast and get to it!  A good sativa really makes this task so much more enjoyable.  I felt lifted, energized, and most importantly, calm and happy so this felt less like a chore and more like an experience.  This really is a task that keeps on giving once it’s completed, and you probably won’t have to do it again for at least a couple months.

2. Cardio

I don’t know about you but I get totally lost in a long run post-sativa.  I feel so in tune with my music; I try to listen to something epic and convince myself I’m going on a quest.  The combination of the delta 8 or HHC high and the endorphin high is truly *chef’s kiss* amazing.  Bonus points if you’re fortunate enough to live by the beach and can jump in the ocean after your run and let the water wash over your skin for a truly immersive experience.  Otherwise?  Pamper yourself with a luxurious shower with all your favorite products and indulge your senses with different scents and textures.

3. Laundry

I’m great at doing laundry, but putting it away?  Whole different story!  Smoke your favorite sativa, throw on a background show and get to it!  If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even tie this in with #1 on this list and use it as an opportunity to purge your closet of all that crap you know you haven’t worn in years and make some room for new styles.  Start this while your clothes are in the dryer, and by the time they’re done you’ll have accomplished something extra and putting those clothes away will seem like a piece of cake.

4. Meal Prep

For this one, I would recommend you have a snack before you start cooking.  If I’m high and hungry, you better believe that meal is gonna take me twice as long to prepare.  I definitely find this easier if I shop the day before and can just start the process with everything I need stocked and ready to go.  Whether you prefer to strictly follow a recipe or go with the flow and make the magic happen all on your own, a good sativa can really elevate this experience and leave you feeling like a five-star chef in your own kitchen.  Get those creative juices flowing and take your meal to the next level.

5. Cleaning the Bathroom

This one’s gonna suck no matter what.  We all love a clean bathroom, but getting it there can definitely be a drag which is why you have to make it fun.  Smoke that sativa, throw on some headphones, and get in there!  I swear if you do this regularly it will only take about ten minutes each time.  Be sure to keep the fan running and windows open so you’re not hotboxing yourself with nasty cleaning chemicals.  I even like to throw on one of those *vintage* cloth masks we were all wearing a few years back.  Finish the endeavor by lighting your favorite scented candles and savoring a job well done.

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