Top 5 Destinations For Our HHC Disposable Vapes


With all the teachers in my life headed for spring break next week, my mind has definitely been wandering to trips and getaways.  If you have to stay put, read on for some exciting destinations of a different kind.  (And if you are traveling, keep these in your back pocket for your return!).  See why our HHC disposable vapes are the perfect companions for your next micro vacation.  

Choose from Gorilla Glue for an earthy experience; Strawberry Yum or Banana Cream if fruit is what you crave, or Zkittlez for when your sweet tooth needs satiating.  I’ve even included which flavors I recommend to curate the perfect vibe for each situation.  As always, for legal and safety reasons, I don’t recommend that you drive while high or indulge in front of children.  Catch a ride or walk, and be respectful of every space and those around you.

1. Weddings

Whether it’s your uncle’s third wedding or your work bestie’s first, you have to be there so you might as well enjoy it.  Our HHC disposable vapes fit into your pocket or clutch whether you’re rocking a suit or one of those lovely bridesmaid dresses that you can “definitely wear again”.  While everyone flocks to the open bar, you’ve got your mellow at your fingertips.  Kick back, relax, and appreciate all the small details that the newlyweds obsessed over for months leading up to this day.  Loosen up on the dance floor filled with people from all generations, savor that delicious wedding cake, and just have fun.

I recommend: Banana Cream

2. Hikes

Whether it’s a flat, leisurely stroll through the woods behind your house, or an hours-long excursion to a scenic overlook, it still counts as a hike.  Don’t compete, just get out there any way you can.  Nice days are on the rise, and what better time to explore nature and unplug for a little while?  Our HHC vapes are ideal for woodsy walks.  No need to worry about the wind when lighting up, and more importantly, no risk of causing a fire.  Puff on the go or when you finally sit on a blanket or rock.  Just be sure you know where you are and how to get back.

I recommend: Gorilla Glue

3. Picnic

Not up for the whole hiking thing but still want to be outside?  Head over to a park, or even your own backyard for a picnic.  Make your meal or pick one up from a local restaurant.  Either way, bring something you’re actually excited to eat, grab a blanket, and go.  Whether you’re alone or with company, there’s enough to set up once you find the perfect spot.  Save time and effort with our disposable vapes.  One less thing to worry about so you can unwind and savor whatever exciting meal you decided to bring along.  

I recommend: Strawberry Yum

4. Brunch

Ok so brunch might not feel like a destination, but bear with me.  It’s like a night out during the day.  Often on a Sunday, the last day before the work week begins for many of us.  It’s an absolute treat; even when you do travel, hotels always stop serving breakfast by ten.  What’s up with that it’s supposed to be a vacation, I can’t sleep in?  Our HHC vapes make this whole experience even better.  

Sleep in, get ready, assemble the squad, puff on whatever flavor you’re craving, and bask in the luxury that is ordering decadent breakfast food after noon.  What better place to have the munchies than a restaurant that’s serving brunch?  Catch up with friends, eat all the food, drink a fancy coffee or a snack-topped Bloody Mary that might as well be a meal itself.  Just make sure to tip 20% and be respectful of the establishment and those around you.

I recommend:  Banana Cream

5. Amusement Park

Get high mentally and literally.  You’re never too old for an amusement park!  Head over to the nearest spot (check out this map of North American amusement parks), indulge in our HHC disposable vapes, and unleash your inner child.  Hit the roller coasters and even some of those corny games because your parents aren’t there to tell you how they’re all rigged.  Alleviate any cotton mouth you might get with some lemonade, and treat yourself to all those quintessential theme park foods.  Even if your excursion is just a day trip, it will feel like a vacation from real life the whole time you’re there.

I recommend: Zkittlez

No matter where you’re headed on your next micro-vacay, we’ve got you covered with our HHC disposable vapes.  Choose your next adventure with indica, sativa, or hybrid.  Puff anywhere, any time, no set up required.