Shop Delta 8 Edibles With DVNT

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If you’re in the market for delta 8 edibles that actually hit, then you’re in the right place.  DVNT is truly the answer for anyone looking to shop delta 8 edibles.  Our products are available in stores, and even more conveniently, online.  Keep reading to learn all about our product selection, and why DVNT is a name you can trust for all your delta 8 needs. 

Check out these 7 reasons why our delta 8 edibles shop is the move for the next time you’re looking to get lit.

1. Dosage Variety

Whether you have a low tolerance, high tolerance, or just like to have options when it comes to dosing, we have an edible for you.  Our Corn Powerpuff edibles are ideal for any time you’re looking to mellow out without getting too high.  At 30 mg of delta 8 per puff, you can chill out with one, or snack your way to a higher dose with portion control made easy.  

If the sky’s the limit, then our gummies are for you.  Our Crispy Apple gummies contain 100 mg of combined delta 8, HHC, and HHCP per gummy to take you to new heights.  Additionally, our Raspberry Blue gummies pack a potent punch with 100 mg of combined delta 8 and THCP.  

2. Lab Tested

One issue with the hemp-derived cannabinoid market is that it is essentially unregulated.  Barring a few state regulations, the products as a whole are not legally bound to any type of standard.  This means, it’s important to shop smart.  Here at DVNT, our products are lab tested.  We offer full transparency because you deserve to know what you’re buying and putting into your body.  

3. Multiple Cannabinoids

Our delta 8 edibles shop contains more than just delta 8.  The Raspberry Blue gummies are a combo of delta 8 and THCP.  Unfamiliar with THCP?  This cannabinoid is potentially ten times as intoxicating as THC.  If HHC is more your speed, Crispy Apple gummies deliver a blend of delta 8, HHC, and HHCP.  HHCP is pretty comparable to THCP, so whichever combo you choose, you’ll be sure to feel it.

4. Live Resin

Our gummies are made with live resin.  Why is this awesome?  Live resin ensures that you get maximum terpene content in your finished product.  When regular hemp or cannabis is processed, the trichomes of the plant (where the terpenes are stored) are damaged or break off entirely.  In order to make live resin, plants are flash frozen immediately post-harvest.  This ensures that terpenes which are normally lost or damaged during processing are retained.   

5. Feel Good

Delta 8 is a feel good cannabinoid.  Don’t believe me?  68% of people in this 521 person survey about delta 8 consumption reported feelings of euphoria, while 71% responded that they felt high levels of relaxation.  I don’t know about you, but I could go for a relaxed euphoria at just about any point in my day.  Whether you’re looking to spice up a fall hike, power through a gym session, or unwind before bed, delta 8 is ideal for any time you want to stay lifted, but not anxious.

6. Less Anxious High

Are you prone to anxiety when you get high?  Never fear, delta 8 is here!  In that same survey, 74% of participants denied experiencing any anxiety, while 83% reported the absence of paranoia.  If you’re ready for a high that doesn’t just leave you even more stressed out, then give our delta 8 edibles a try.

7. Convenience

Our online store is open to you any time, anywhere so you can shop delta 8 edibles on your own schedule.  Curate your own variety package delivered straight to your door and let the good times begin.  The edible is also the most low maintenance way to get high.  No lighters, no chargers, no need to step outside.  And the delayed onset means you can essentially “schedule” your high.  In the modern age, this level of convenience is essential, and can’t be beat.

So there you have it.  Our products offer a variety of cannabinoids and dosages to put you in control of your experience.  Delta 8 is a relaxing, feel good cannabinoid that you can enjoy without the anxiety.  The only thing that can make edibles more convenient is our online store.  Shop our selection of delta 8 edibles for whatever life throws at you.