Product Review: HHC Prerolls


We’ve talked about the science and the scientists that make our products possible.  Today, I’m going to talk about the products themselves.  This will be a side by side comparison of our three HHC prerolls. We have a choice of indica, sativa, or hybrid. According to Healthline, “Sativa often produces a “mind high,” or an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect”; while “Indica is sought after for its intensely relaxing effects.”; while hybrids are known for their “unique impacts”. How different are these varietals, really?  For this exercise, I live-wrote my reaction to each product as I was consuming it.  Read on to find out whether you want to reach for an indica, hybrid, or sativa HHC preroll next time you spark up.

HHC Pink Lemonade Sativa:

I’ve definitely mentioned a few times that these prerolls are my absolute favorite.  The pink lemonade flavor is perfect; just a little tart and not too sweet.  These are absolutely ideal for morning and afternoon smokes.  I feel energized and my mind is stimulated.  I’m definitely relaxed but don’t feel any sluggishness.  I actually bought a delta 9 THC sativa from a dispensary in my state last week, and the highs are definitely different.  The delta 9, though a sativa, definitely had some sleepy effects for me which was a bit disappointing.

The HHC hits like a dream; perfect for adding a little splash of fun to whatever’s on the agenda for the day.  I’m probably going to do some light housework and exercise.  Definitely no couch lock, and I’m very much able to maintain my train of thought.  I’m itching to get up and move around a little bit.  Still feeling calm, but the urge to move is strong.  Very into my music, and I feel comfortable in my surroundings.  I highly recommend these prerolls, and I have noticed from other times I’ve used them that I don’t experience the post-high fatigue that I typically get with delta 9.

HHC Tres Leches Indica:

So the flavor in these prerolls is more subtle than the pink lemonade.  I still get a hint of sweetness and the hit is overall pleasant.  I’m currently enjoying this as an after-work, pre-bed indulgence.  I feel mellow, very zen.  My racing mind has calmed down and I’m absolutely relaxed.  I definitely don’t have the urge to get up and move that came with the sativa prerolls.  My body is really sinking into the couch and I’m very restful.  No agitated movements, tapping my foot, or fussing with my clothes.  While I’m relaxed and calm, not as prone to movement as I was with the sativa, I’m still able to keep my eyes open and focus.  My thoughts flow to completion instead of starting and abruptly ending mid-thought which tends to happen when I smoke delta 9. 

These indica HHC prerolls are definitely the move for unwinding before bed.  I’ll probably listen to a podcast and head to bed within the hour.  I really struggle with unwinding after work; I often come home and end up pacing back and forth or obsessively scrolling through social media, still wound up from work.  Tonight, I feel very calm without feeling overcome with the desire to sleep.  Tres Leches indica HHC prerolls are definitely the move for pre bed, post-work, Netflix marathons, a day at the beach, or however you relax.

HHC Orange Creamsicle Hybrid:

Definitely a more subtle flavor in these as well.  The hint of citrus is perfectly refreshing.  I’m relaxed, but less stationary than I was with the indica prerolls.  I’ll probably roll into some light housework again and then maybe head out for a walk.  These are perfect for a low key day off, game night with friends, yoga, and more.  The sense of calm is such a treat.  These hybrids truly are that middle ground between sativa and indica, absolutely perfect for when you can’t decide or want the best of both worlds.

To sum it up, our HHC prerolls are the move no matter what your vibe is or what’s on your agenda.  With three flavors to choose from, you can satisfy whatever craving you’ve got while elevating your mood and relaxing.  I love that I don’t get burnt out after the high wears off.  Each preroll provides a relaxing and fun experience.  The sativa is prime for a wake and bake or an afternoon pick me up.  The hybrid hits for any occasion, and the indica is absolutely ideal for maximum chill or unwinding before bed.  Check them out and see for yourself which variety you love the best.