Five Reasons To Try Our Disposable HHC Vapes 


I’ve given you my honest review of our HHC prerolls, but what about our disposable HHC vapes?  Learn about our amazing selection, and find out why these are the move next time you’re looking to elevate your mood.

1. A High That Hits

Our disposable HHC vapes will take you there without the anxiety or paranoia that often accompanies traditional delta 9 THC.  Add just the right amount of zest to your routine without the burnout.  Whether you’re new to getting high, over the delta 9 anxiety, looking for something new, or you don’t live in a recreational delta 9 state, HHC is where it’s at.  I find the high to be less sluggish and all consuming than a delta 9 experience.  I feel less tired when the high wears off, and my mind is not filled with anxious, racing thoughts.  This high really hits the spot, and you can easily enjoy no matter what’s on your agenda.

2. Variety

Are you looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid?  Maybe you want all three to use at different points throughout the day.  Start your day with a sativa, unwind after work with a hybrid, and relax before bed with an indica.  We’ve got you covered with selections in each to suit whatever mood you’re in.

3. Terpenes

Who said tasting notes are only for wine drinkers?!  Terpenes are what give our herbal refreshments their flavor and aroma. According to Healthline, it is believed that “the terpene profile — the dominant terpenes — of a strain work in tandem with the cannabinoid content — the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids — to produce the effects people associate with different strains.”  No matter what you’re craving, we’ve got a vape for you.  Fruit lovers can opt for banana cream or strawberry yum (strawberry yum is definitely my favorite!).  If you’ve got a serious candy craving, zkittlez is the disposable HHC vape for you.  For anyone that prefers something more earthy, gorilla glue is the move.  Terpenes really enhance the whole experience, and your high will not only be euphoric, but delicious too.  Learn more about terpenes here.

4. Convenience

Our disposable HHC vapes come charged and ready to use.  No adapters or cartridges to keep track of, no time spent waiting around for it to charge after you take it out of the box.  Grab your vape and keep it moving with our most portable and convenient way to smoke.  No need to stop at 7-11 because you forgot a lighter, and no worries that the cart will leak all over your pocket or purse.  Our HHC vapes are stress free and mess free.  Not only is the product totally ready for you to enjoy, but you can order from our site any time on the go and have the vapes shipped directly to your door.

5. Controlled Dosage

Whether you’re looking for a mild high or to get absolutely toasted, our disposable HHC vapes have you covered.  Take one puff and keep it moving without wasting product.  If you’re looking to fly high, puff again and again without taking the time to repack, or worrying about the wind blowing out your flame.  It really could not be easier to control your dosage and focus on feeling just right.

The Bottom Line:

No matter what you’re looking for from your next high, our disposable HHC vapes are definitely the move.  Choose from indica, sativa, or hybrid and four different terpenes to satisfy any craving.  HHC highs are laden with euphoria, without the anxiety and paranoia.  With our convenient online store, you can order your next sweet treat on the go any time.  Once your vape arrives, you are ready to unwrap and enjoy without any assembly or time wasted.  Nothing could be more convenient, and you really are the boss of directing your own high with the easily controlled dosage that comes with our disposable HHC vapes.  Try one (or all four!) Today, and find out if HHC is legal in your state here.