Live Resin


As you probably know by now, we’ve recently added a killer selection of potent gummies to our online store.  Packed with 100mg or 250mg of cannabinoids per serving, they are seriously potent.  What makes them even more special is that they’re made from live resin.  Live resin is one of those buzzwords that makes everyone go “ooooh” when they hear it, but what exactly is live resin?  Read on to learn about its inception and what makes live resin such a special hemp derivative.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our gummies!  Available in HHC and delta 8, they are seriously strong so consume with caution if it’s your first rodeo (or even your second, for that matter).

Who invented live resin?

Live resin is still a fairly new concept.  It was invented only ten years ago, by Coloradan cannabis cultivator William Fenger aka. Kind Bill.  And he certainly was kind to bestow such an innovative discovery upon the community.  By 2013, he already had decades of hash making and cannabis growing experience.  It was through his work in maintaining the plants that he would conceptualize the vision that would result in the invention of live resin.  

Kind Bill describes his inspiration in High Times “As I would trim my harvests, I always thought, ‘How cool would it be to be smoking oil from this plant while I’m doing this?’ The smell of the plants when they’re still alive, or while they’re being trimmed, is so intoxicating compared to dried buds… that’s what I wanted in an extract.”


Why do hemp and cannabis plants smell so much better when they’re still alive?  This is due to terpenesTerpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor profile of the plants.  They also work synergistically with the other components of the plant (think cannabinoids).  This is known as the entourage effect.  Unfortunately, significant portions of terpenes are lost during the harvest and curing process.  

Terpenes are stored in the plant’s trichomes.  During the harvesting process, trichomes can completely break off the plant.  When the hemp or cannabis is dried and cured, the trichomes are exposed to heat, oxygen, and light which can further deteriorate the terpenes.  What really sets live resin apart, is that the plants are frozen right after they’re harvested.  This process maximizes terpene retention.  

How it’s made

To make live resin, plants are immediately flash frozen after harvesting.  A solvent, typically butane, is passed through the frozen material.  This removes the trichomes from the cannabis or hemp.  The mixture is then heated up, which converts the solvent into a vapor which rises into the solvent column.  Once there, the solvent is cooled and converted back to liquid form.  

What it all means

With live resin, you’re getting a better high.  The product is more true to form because it retains the terpenes that would normally be lost during harvesting.  It is actually terpenes that give individual strains their defining characteristics.  Live resin is also known for providing highs that are long and strong.  If you want to indulge in our live resin gummies, keep this in mind.  

So if you’re ready for a high that’s full of terpenes, get your hands on our live resin gummies today.  Choose from cannabinoid combos for every mood.  Delta 8 lovers can choose between Crispy Apple and Raspberry Blue.  Crispy Apple is also packed with HHC and HHCP.  The Raspberry Blue gummies are paired with THCP.  For those unfamiliar, THCP is estimated to be more than thirty times more potent than THC.  

For those who like their HHC without delta 8, we have Peach Ringer and Pineapple Haze.  Both are loaded with HHC and HHCP.  Pineapple Haze gummies deliver 100 mg of cannabinoids per serving.  For those with higher tolerances, Peach Ringer is the choice for you!  These gummies provide 250 mg per gummy.  Again, ease your way into these if you’re new to edibles, or don’t have a very high tolerance.  See what all the hype is about and appreciate how far we’ve come in our understanding of such a magical plant.  Try any variation of cannabinoids and experience the bombastic entourage effect in full force with our live resin gummies.