Hybrid THCA Prerolls


Looking for hybrid THCA prerolls?  You’re in the right place!  DVNT is here to offer you an amazing selection of THCA prerolls.  I’ve had the pleasure of sampling some of them, and they do not disappoint.  Whether you’re new to THCA or returning to a beloved favorite, these are for you.  Read on to learn all about our hybrid THCA prerolls and shop our selection.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick link to our products, you can find these prerolls right here.

What is THCA?

Before we talk about the prerolls themselves, let’s go over the cannabinoid responsible for the blissful experience.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  It’s actually the acidic form of THC.  In its raw, original form, THCA is not psychoactive.  That being said, you shouldn’t write off this cannabinoid just yet!  The reason that THCA is not psychoactive in its original form is due to its molecular structure.  The cannabinoid contains an extra carboxyl ring, which makes its shape incompatible with our CB1 receptors.  An attachment with these receptors would produce a high, but there is no attachment here, so we don’t get high.

How to activate THCA

THCA’s molecular structure changes when we add heat.  This process is known as decarboxylation.  When we add heat (from a lighter, a vape, or the oven), THCA loses that extra carboxyl ring, and transforms into the famously psychoactive THC.  Without the ring, THC is perfectly compatible with our CB1 receptors.  It fits into them like a key into a lock, and produces a high.  (If you want to learn more about the role that our CB1 receptors play in our psychoactive experience, check this out).  

Doing this little conversion is as simple as smoking one of our THCA blunts or prerolls.  By the time the smoke hits your lungs, you’re inhaling THC, not THCA.

Smoking a hybrid THCA preroll

I’ve tested many of our THCA products, and loved them all.  For this exercise, I got to test drive the hybrid Papaya THCA prerolls.  I smoked one on a Sunday morning, and let me tell you, it curated the perfect vibe.  This preroll delivers a tangy papaya flavor on the exhale.  The taste instantly connotes summer sun and beach days.  I found the flavor to be revitalizing, especially during this chilly “spring” we’re experiencing right now.  For my tolerance, half a preroll was perfect.  

After smoking, I felt euphoric, and super chill.  I definitely felt a little sleepy, but was already tired before smoking.  I really was able to get into my music, and cook up a nice breakfast for a lazy morning.  Best of all, I was even inspired to actually make some banana bread out of the brown bananas in my fruit basket (which I say I’m going to do every week and never do).  The high carried me well through the clean up process, where I switched from music to a podcast.  

While I definitely got the cleaning done, I wouldn’t recommend this preroll for a time sensitive task.  I was moving at a very slow pace, but enjoying myself the entire time.  I’m fully confident that these are a great go-to for lazy weekend mornings, or any other situation where you can really take your time with whatever’s on your list.  I think if I had smoked the other half, I would have had to take a nap (and probably gotten some really excellent sleep).  


We know you have options when it comes to searching for the perfect hybrid THCA prerolls, so why choose DVNT?  Aside from offering variety and products that make you feel amazing, we take our jobs very seriously.  All of our products are lab tested, so you can feel confident you’re getting exactly what you think you’re getting.  Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, so we feel confident sharing those test results with you right on our page.  Furthermore, all of our products can be conveniently shipped right to your door.  Shop on your own time, and let us handle the rest.  

The bottom line

If you’re tired of less potent cannabinoids that don’t seem to get the job done, then THCA is the cannabinoid for you.  Play chemist right from your living room and participate in some stoner science.  Our hybrid THCA prerolls are ideal for any time where you want the best of both worlds.  Like I said, they’re perfect for slow mornings, or any time you don’t require urgent speed.  Shop smart, stay lit, and experience the joys of THCA.