How To Make Edibles Kick In Faster

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If you’ve ever had an edible, you know that the effects definitely don’t hit as quickly as they do when you smoke.  Edibles can take hours to kick in.  While this can definitely be a plus, sometimes it’s nice to speed things up just a little bit.  Though every single body is different, and everyone reacts to the cannabinoids found in edibles differently, there are a couple factors to keep in mind if you’re looking to hasten your journey.  Keep reading for the full rundown on how to make edibles kick in faster.

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First thing’s first

Before you give these tips and tricks a try, definitely talk things over with your doctor.  Some of these suggestions may increase your heart rate, which may be an issue for some of you.  Be sure to have a DD, and definitely don’t attempt this list if you’re new to edibles.  If you’re an old pro that wants to shake things up a bit, then read on and be safe.

Type of edible

If you want your edibles to kick in faster, try choosing a lozenge or lollipop.  These are absorbed sublingually.  This process is much faster than that of a gummy or cookie that needs to be swallowed and digested.  That being said, a gummy will still kick in faster than a brownie high in calories and fat.  The time your body takes to break down certain foods varies, so keep that in mind when gaging your onset time.

Stomach contents

When you eat your edible also matters.  Capping off a huge meal with an edible for dessert probably sounds like a great idea, but you won’t feel its effects until after your body has digested all the other food that was there first.  If you want to feel the effects sooner than later, try indulging before you eat, or even first thing in the morning.  This way that edible will be first in line for digestion, and it will be felt that much faster.


If you eat a gummy at the start of your workout, don’t be surprised if you start feeling really good a little sooner than expected.  This is because exercise increases your heart rate and blood flow, which speeds up the process of those cannabinoids entering your bloodstream.  This can be great, and I personally love working out while high, but know your body and how edibles affect you before trying this.  If possible, conduct this experiment from home at first. This way, you could easily stop exercising and lie down if that edible proves to be too overpowering for exercise.


Try your edible with some green tea, or a coffee to kick things up a notch.  Caffeine may temporarily increase metabolism enough for that edible to make its way into your system more quickly.  Just remember, if you don’t feel great after consuming caffeine when you’re sober, you’re unlikely to feel any better indulging in it when you’re high.  Keep the anxiety at bay, and make sure you react well to both edibles and coffee before combining the two.

The bottom line

Edible onset time varies for everyone, and they can take hours to kick in.  However, if you don’t feel like waiting, there are a few things you can do to make those edibles kick in a little faster.  Be sure to take into account which type of edible you’re about to enjoy. Remember that a lozenge will kick in faster than anything you chew and swallow.  If you’re in a hurry, don’t wait until dessert to eat your treat.  And if you want to temporarily rev up your system, caffeine and exercise are great ways to do that and speed things along, provided your doctor gives you the OK.

However you enjoy your edibles, we’ve got you covered for whatever the journey throws at you here at DVNT.