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It’s almost 2024, and we have more options than ever when it comes to, well, everything.  While choices are great to have, they can make actually making a decision pretty difficult.  That’s why when it comes to where to buy your hemp products, DVNT is the obvious choice.  We have you covered with exciting products you can trust, and a variety of cannabinoids to choose from.  If you’re looking to buy THCA online, then you have found your store.  Read on to see what sets us apart from the other guys, and to learn all about the THCA we have to offer.

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The importance of lab testing

We know you have choices when it comes to where you buy your THCA, so why choose us?  We offer lab tested products you can trust.  See, the hemp market is vastly unregulated.  This means that really anyone can throw a hemp label on anything, sell it to you, and call it a day.  Here at DVNT, we’re not about shady business practices.  You deserve to know exactly what’s in the products you buy.  The process of converting cannabinoids can sometimes leave behind other ingredients that you don’t need.  This is where lab testing comes in.  We share our results with you so you know that our products are safe and ready for you to enjoy.

Aside from basic safety from scientific byproducts, lab testing is important to ensure you get the cannabinoids you’re shopping for.  Products that aren’t as potent as they claim, or that contain cannabinoids you’re trying to avoid shouldn’t end up in your shopping cart.  When you shop smart with DVNT, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality you can count on.  Don’t believe us?  Our 98% customer service rating speaks for itself.  Our existing customers love us and you will too.

What is THCA?

In case you need a refresher before you buy THCA from our online store, here are some basics.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  In its raw, original form this cannabinoid is not psychoactive.  This might sound like a bummer, but stay with me here.  If you add heat to THCA, it literally transforms into THC.  Yes, you read that right, it converts into the original cannabinoid that we all know and love, just by adding heat.  This might sound like something best left to the folks in the lab with the white coats, but you can do this epic conversion right from the comfort of your own home!  The heat can come from a lighter, or from the oven when you decarb your flower before making edibles.  In fact, this conversion is the entire reason that it’s necessary to debarb before you get to baking.


Looking to do some science from home?  Our THCA blunts and prerolls are the products for you!  Simply light these babies on fire and smoke as you normally would to unleash the magic of THC straight into your lungs.  Whether you’re looking to enjoy an indica, sativa, or hybrid, we’ve got you covered with our fire collection of blunts.  Start your day with some stimulating sativa smokes, available in either Sour Diesel or Pink Lemonade.  If you’re looking to unwind with an indica, Tres Leches and Purple Punch will have you feeling cool, calm, and collected.  And for all those in between situations where you crave the best of both worlds, hybrid blunts are where it’s at.  Choose from Papaya or Orange Creamsicle to curate the perfect hybrid vibe.

Are prerolls more your speed?  Enjoy a one-way ticket to Chilltown with our Tres Leches indica prerolls.  Perfect to enjoy with a friend, or savor the relaxation all to yourself.

The bottom line

DVNT is your one stop shop if you’re looking to buy THCA online.  Our products are potent, reputable, and will leave you feeling lit.  Our epic selection of THCA blunts offers something for every occasion and every time of day.  We know you have choices when it comes to where you shop, but we feel good about offering you quality you can count on.