Delta 8 Vs HHC


You may be wondering whether to choose one of our delta 8 products or to roll with HHC instead.  What is the difference between the two, anyway?  Obviously I’m going to tell you to give both of them a try, but in order for you to better understand your choices, let’s dive into the difference between delta 8 vs HHC.

Delta 8 Vs HHC: Origins

Let’s start at the beginning: where do these cannabinoids actually come from?  Both HHC and delta 8 are naturally present in hemp and cannabis; however, they both really only occur in trace amounts.  In the early days of cannabinoid chemistry, you would have needed a ton of plant matter to produce a usable amount of HHC or delta 8.  Neither cannabinoid would have become very popular; both THC and CBD can be found in much more abundant amounts, which made them the clear choices for cannabinoid use for decades.  Today, the vast majority of both HHC and delta 8 on the market comes from hemp-derived CBD; but how?

“Grandfather of cannabis” Raphael Mechoulam filed for a patent for his process of isomerization in 2002.  This process allowed him to convert that naturally abundant CBD into delta 8.  Unfortunately, this innovation would not become super mainstream (at least in the US) until the 2018 Farm Bill passed which legalized hemp on a federal level.  This bill made it possible to use hemp-derived CBD to create delta 8 without legal repercussions.  Finally, the country could reap the benefits of delta 8.

HHC, on the other hand, is made by hydrogenation.  According to The National Cannabis Industry Association, “hydrogenation is a minor modification to the natural framework of the compounds the cannabis plant produces biologically”.  For HHC, hydrogen is added to that naturally abundant CBD.  The process is similar to the way margarine is made.

Shelf Life and Effects

Delta 8 vs HHC does have a shorter shelf life.  Because of hydrogenation, HHC will stay potent longer than delta 8 or regular THC.  It is less sensitive to light and heat.  So if you’re someone that likes to stockpile your supply, this is absolutely the cannabinoid for you.  Hey, maybe even do your Christmas shopping early and grab some stocking stuffers for those special stoners in your life.

Both HHC and delta 8 offer a high that is less anxious and paranoid than traditional delta 9 THC.  Between the two, delta 8 is said to be more potent; in higher doses, it can produce the same anxiety as delta 9.  HHC provides a more stimulating effect that is a little less psychoactive than delta 8.  I have personally found that if I consume high enough doses of either, they will mimic delta 9.  Either way, monitor your dose and find that sweet spot that works best for you.  Depending who you are, you may not get anxious or paranoid no matter how much of either you consume.  There’s really only one way to find out.  

Delta 8 Vs HHC: The Products

Now you know that delta 8 and HHC both come from CBD and how they’re made, but which one you choose may come down to which products we have available.  If you’re looking to try HHC we have prerolls in sativa, indica, and hybrid (read my review of said prerolls here!).  If prerolls aren’t your jam, we have disposable vapes that are locked and loaded, ready for you to use as soon as you take them out of the box.  The vapes are also available in indica, sativa, and hybrid.  Curious about delta 8?  Choose from peach or pineapple prerolls.  Are you like me and never learned how to roll a blunt quickly and efficiently?  Never fear!  We’ve got you covered with delta 8 blunts in Blue Dream, Purple Punch, or Pineapple Haze.  

All of our prerolls and blunts also contain cannabigerol, or CBG.  This cannabinoid is most comparable to CBD; it doesn’t get you high, but definitely contributes to your overall experience.  Paired with either delta 8 or HHC, you can experience the famous entourage effect for yourself.  This phenomenon describes the way the components of hemp or cannabis work synergistically to give you a more effective experience than you would be getting if you were just enjoying one cannabinoid at a time.

The Bottom Line:

HHC and delta 8 are both awesome and great alternatives to that paranoid, anxious high that comes with delta 9.  Thanks to advances in science, we can finally enjoy them without needing ridiculous amounts of plant material.  Which one you prefer definitely comes down to you as an individual.  If you need something with a longer shelf life, HHC is the move.   If you prefer something more psychoactive, delta 8 is for you.  I still recommend you try them both and see for yourself; it could not be any easier with our convenient online ordering and delivery that goes straight to your door.