What To Expect From A THCA High


You may have heard about THCA by now.  It’s just one of the many cannabinoids that have been making a splash on the market in recent years.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you may be wondering how it stacks up compared to other popular cannabinoids.  Keep reading to learn what you can expect from a THCA high.

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What is THCA?

THCA is the acidic form of THC.  It’s a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both hemp and cannabis.  In its original form, it’s not psychoactive.  Before you disregard it as a fun cannabinoid though, let me explain.  THCA’s non-psychoactivity can be attributed to its molecular structure.  It contains an extra carboxyl ring, which makes its shape incompatible with our CB1 receptors.  Since it’s unable to attach to these receptors, we don’t experience a high.  However, when we add heat to THCA, it loses that carboxyl ring, and transforms into the famously psychoactive THC.  Without the ring, its shape is ideal for attaching to our CB1 receptors, so we experience a high.

The process that converts THCA to THC is known as decarboxylation.  (You can learn more about that here).  The heat needed for decarboxylation can come from a lighter, a vape, or the oven.  In case you’ve ever wondered why you throw your flower in the oven before making edibles, the answer is THCA.  By adding heat at any point, you’re activating the psychoactive component in the cannabis or hemp.  Doing this little science project for yourself is as easy as smoking one of our blunts or prerolls.  By the time the smoke hits your lungs, you’ll be inhaling THC.

A THCA high

So what does a THCA high actually feel like?  Remember, if you’re consuming this cannabinoid in its original form, there will not be a high.  In order to experience the non-psychoactive THCA, you’d need to ingest raw cannabis, or enjoy a specially made tincture.  For those of us that want our THCA to get us high, we add heat.  If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ve experienced a THCA high by converting it to THC.  

As far as what to expect from a designated THCA product, there’s not much of a difference.  I’ve had the pleasure of trying our THCA blunts and prerolls, and I genuinely can’t tell the difference between smoking them, and smoking cannabis from a dispensary.  If you’re after that familiar THC high that you know and love, then THCA is the cannabinoid for you.  

My experience

Like I said, THCA hits like THC because, well, it becomes THC.  I felt pleasantly euphoric and relaxed after smoking it.  I personally only need to smoke half a blunt at a time, and that half a blunt had me feeling pretty toasted.  The high lasts for several hours, and I really enjoyed it.  I smoked the pink lemonade sativa blunt before working out, and loved that I could really focus on my body’s movement and lose myself in the music while exercising.  The sativa was perfectly stimulating.

I can vouch for our indica THCA as well.  The purple punch indica blunt was perfect for a night of movies and pizza.  I was able to unwind and totally relax, and the stress of the day just melted right off of me.  Sleep came really easily to me when I was ready for bed, and that in and of itself was a serious blessing.

The bottom line

If you’re thinking about trying THCA, rest assured because you probably already have.  The high is the same as a THC high, because it turns into THC!  If you’re tired of the other, less potent cannabinoids on the market, then THCA is definitely for you.  It really is the same as regular weed, and with our convenient online store, you can skip the trip to the dispensary or the uncertainty of meeting up with your weed guy.  Listen, I used to be a weed guy, and let me tell you, we’re not known for our reliability or punctuality.  Try THCA today, and experience the high that you already know and love.