What is CBG?

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In this new age of diverse cannabinoid availability, it can be tough to remember each cannabinoid’s distinct properties.  While most (if not all) of what’s currently on the market has been known to scientists for decades, we’ve just started seeing a lot of these cannabinoids in recent years.  It’s a lot of information, and it seems every day there’s a new player on the scene.  Here, we’ll focus on CBG.  This cannabinoid isn’t as popular as some others, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard its potential benefits.  Read on to learn all the essentials about CBG, and discover how you can try it for yourself.

CBG explained

CBG is a phytocannabinoid found in young cannabis plants.  Its acidic form (CBGA) is the precursor to all other cannabinoids.  This has earned CBG the nickname “the mother of all cannabinoids”.  As the plant develops, CBGA is converted to the acidic forms of THC and CBD (THCA and CBDA).  When exposed to heat, THCA and CBDA are converted to THC and CBD.  Because CBG is more prevalent in young plants, it is often overlooked.  By the time the plant reaches maturity, its CBG content is virtually nonexistent.  

Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive.  However, that doesn’t mean we should overlook this cannabinoid.  As we know, CBD has essentially dominated the wellness market in the past several years, despite not being psychoactive.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton of research conducted on CBG, especially compared to other, more mainstream cannabinoids like CBD and THC.  But, what scientists have found so far is intriguing.

Like CBD, CBG shows promise for therapeutic benefits.  While more research is definitely needed, this cannabinoid may have the potential to help people who are looking for relief without the high.  So far, the biggest risk factor when it comes to CBG is authenticity.  That’s where lab testing comes in.

Why we lab test

One of the main critiques of the hemp-derived cannabinoid market is its lack of regulation.  While individual states have imposed legislation that requires regulation, there is no national standard.  With the sheer amount of vendors both online and in stores, quality can be difficult to ascertain.  Luckily, here at DVNT, we do the right thing not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.  We conduct lab testing to ensure that you’re getting the correct cannabinoid content.  More importantly, testing guarantees that there are no leftover byproducts from the cannabinoid conversion and extraction process.  We share these results right on our site so that you can rest assured that you’re getting everything you want (and nothing that you don’t).

How can you try CBG?

If you’re curious about CBG, then you’re in the right place.  All of our blunts and prerolls contain CBG!  So, not only are you going to get lit with delta 8 or HHC, but you’ll also experience the therapeutic benefits of CBG!  Whether you’re looking for a hybrid, sativa, or indica, we have blunts and prerolls for any vibe, any time.

So, what are you really getting by ingesting multiple cannabinoids at once?  It turns out that, unlike humans, cannabinoids really work best in group projects.  This phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.  When cannabinoids are together, they work differently than they do on their own.  As with CBG, more research is needed to fully understand the entourage effect, but what is known so far is pretty exciting.

The bottom line

Move over CBD, there’s a “new” non-psychoactive cannabinoid in town.  CBG is abundant in young cannabis plants, and its acidic form eventually becomes the cannabinoids we already know and love.  Here at DVNT, we’ve done the hard part for you and curated this cannabinoid for you to enjoy.  You can indulge in CBG by smoking one of our HHC or delta 8 blunts or prerolls.  When you do this, you’ll experience the entourage effect for yourself.  This phenomenon will deliver a different effect than consuming cannabinoids on their own.  In a few years, when more research on CBG has been completed, you’ll already be ahead of the game.  While everyone else will just be hearing about CBG for the first time, you’ll already know what’s up and be able to say you’ve been there and smoked that already.