Tips For Buying Delta 8


Delta 8 seems to be everywhere lately.  You’ve probably seen it in the news, at gas stations, online, or in your local head shop.  But what is the truth about this popular cannabinoid?  What should you bear in mind when you’re selecting a product?  Keep reading to access tips for buying delta 8 so you can shop smart and stay lit.  

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What is delta 8?

Before we delve into delta 8 tips, it’s probably a good idea to start at square one.  What exactly is delta 8?  Delta 8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.  You’re probably already familiar with THC, which is hands down the most famous cannabinoid.  In fact, delta 8 is a form of THC.  The THC that has been the star cannabinoid for countless years is actually delta 9 THC.  

The difference between deltas 8 and 9 comes down to chemistry.  Delta 8 is considered a chemical analog of delta 9.  Chemically, they are the same, except for the location of the double bond.  In delta 8, this bond is located between carbon atoms 8 and 9, while in delta 9 the bond is found between carbon atoms 9 and 10.  This is enough to express a pronounced difference in how the two cannabinoids affect their users.

Delta 8 effects

Like traditional THC, delta 8 is psychoactive.  However, it does not activate the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system as strongly as delta 9.  A cannabinoid’s interaction with these receptors is responsible for the high we feel.  Delta 8 is estimated to be about 50% as potent as delta 9.  This difference in potency results in a milder, friendlier high.  

One of the most pronounced differences between the two is that delta 8 results in a less anxious and paranoid high than its more potent cousin.  In fact, in this survey, 74% of participants denied experiencing any anxiety, and 83% denied experiencing any paranoia.  In case you’re thinking these folks just didn’t get high at all, 71% reported that they experienced a great deal of relaxation, and 68% declared feelings of euphoria.

Why it’s necessary to shop smart

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less of delta 9 THC.  So, on a federal level, cannabinoids (even the psychoactive ones) are legal, as long as they are derived from hemp.  That is the only federal regulation governing this market.  Individual states have begun implementing laws of their own to either ban these cannabinoids or impose regulations.  That being said, pretty much anyone can slap a delta 8 label on anything.  Here are some tips to prevent you from getting duped by your delta 8:

1. Shop lab tested products

This delta 8 tip is important for a variety of reasons.  During the conversion process, metals can be used as a catalyst.  This is perfectly fine, when left to professionals and done safely, that is.  The final product needs to be tested to confirm that these metals are no longer present and the product is safe to use.  Additionally, you want to confirm that your product actually contains measurable amounts of delta 8 (read: will get you high).

2. Know your brand

New brands are popping up every single day.  How can you know who to trust?  Always do your research and see what others have to say.  Here at DVNT, we boast a 98% customer service rating.  Our customers have tried us and loved us, and you will too.

3. Know the laws in your state

States have varied from implementing age restrictions (valid), mandating that delta 8 be purchased from a state regulated dispensary (safe), to banning delta 8 altogether (lame).  Definitely stay up to date with what the laws are in your state before purchasing delta 8.

4. Know your tolerance

New to delta 8?  Start off with a lower dosage; you can always have more, but you might have a bad time if you hit the ground running.  If you’re a newbie, our 100 mg gummies might not be for you.  Experiment, and figure out which dosage is that perfect sweet spot.  And remember, edibles can take a few hours to kick in, so bear that in mind before reaching for a second serving.

5. Avoid delta 8 if you have an upcoming drug test

Most tests are looking for traditional cannabis; however, that doesn’t mean that delta 8 won’t trigger a positive result.  It’s best to steer clear of delta 8 if a drug test is in your future.  Read more about delta 8 and drug tests here.

The bottom line

Delta 8 is an exciting “new” option for anyone looking to get high without the paranoia.  Though it’s legal on a federal level, it is still necessary for you to shop smart.  Always choose lab-tested products to ensure you’ll be getting a product that hits, and more importantly, to keep yourself safe.  Know your brands, your state’s laws, and your tolerance before diving in.  And remember, just because it’s not technically weed doesn’t mean delta 8 is appropriate to use before an upcoming drug test.  With all these tips in mind, you can fly high with delta 8 and see what all the hype is about for yourself.