THCA Flower


Guys, the future is here.  You can shop THCA flower online, on your time, and get it delivered right to your doorstep.  We’ve come a long way from those ever-changing time and place meetups with your less-than-reliable weed guy.  Here at DVNT, we’re excited to offer a whole bouquet of different THCA flower.  Read on to learn more about THCA, our selection, and what sets us apart from competitors.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick link to shop THCA flower, it’s right here.

What is THCA?

THCA is not new.  In fact, you’ve probably already tried it.  THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis.  In its raw, original form, THCA is not psychoactive.  However, you have the tools to change that.  When you add heat from a vape, the oven, or even a lighter, THCA converts to THC and becomes psychoactive.  This process is known as decarboxylation.  

In its raw form, THCA contains an extra carboxyl ring in its molecular structure.  This ring makes the shape incompatible with our CB1 receptors.  Once heat is added, the carboxyl ring disappears, and THCA is transformed into THC.  Without the extra ring, THC fits into our CB1 receptors like a key into a lock, and produces a high.

What to expect from a THCA high

If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ve smoked THCA.  THCA is actually the acidic form of THC.  Like I mentioned above, adding heat converts THCA to THC.  That being said, you can expect your experience to be just like a regular cannabis high.  I’ve sampled a good amount of our THCA products, and I can attest that the high is no different from one I would feel after consuming a cannabis product from the dispensary.  

In case you need a refresher, a THC high can include euphoria, relaxation, a burst in creativity, altered sense of time, boost in appetite, and more.  Effects vary from person to person, but activated THCA has been used for centuries due to its pleasant effects.

Our selection

We’re offering you THCA flower for every occasion.  Each bag contains 3.5 grams of quality bud.  Whether your preferred method involves a bong, a bowl, rolling a joint, or even making edibles, we’ve got you covered.  If a sativa dominant hybrid speaks to you, opt for Trop Cherry.  Take a sweet treat and enjoy the best of both worlds with Gelati, a hybrid that truly delivers the perfect blend of indica and sativa.  More inclined for an indica leaning hybrid?  Move on to Motor Breath.  If you’re ready for the ultimate relaxation that only a true indica can offer, choose between Jiffy Cake, Illuminati, or Grape Gas.  Whatever vibe you’re seeking to curate, we have a strain for that.


When it comes to, well, everything, we know you have more options than ever.  When it comes to choosing a supplier for herbal refreshment, you should choose DVNT.  We believe in full transparency, so all of our products are lab tested.  This includes our THCA flower.  All of the results are posted right on our site so you can feel good knowing what you’re putting into your body.  Additionally, we boast a 98% customer service rating.  Our existing customers love us and you will too.

Aside from being reputable, we also have your needs in mind.  In today’s day and age, none of us can afford to slow down.  That being said, our site truly could not be more convenient.  Shop on your own time, and have our products shipped discreetly, straight to your door.  No waiting in line at the dispensary, or driving to the other side of town required.  Get high on your own terms without missing a beat.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a high that really hits, our THCA flower will take you there.  All the pros of a THC high that you know and love, minus the price tag or the trip to the dispensary.  We offer quality products you can count on.  Not to mention, you have quite the variety of THCA flower to choose from.  Whether you’re shopping for something energizing, relaxing, or in between, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options.