Holiday Cannabinoid Shopping Guide

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You don’t need me to tell you: the holidays are fast approaching.  Whether (like me) you can’t get the relentless Christmas music out of your head; you’re feeling pressured by the barrage of ads encouraging us to find the perfect gift; or your family plans have you stressing, it is undoubtedly time to start thinking about presents for everyone on your list.  Skip the stress, and do some shopping for all your favorite stoners (and treat yourself while you’re at it).  Whether you’re shopping for one day of presents or eight, we’ve got you covered here at DVNT.  Enjoy this holiday cannabinoid shopping guide to help you determine which cannabinoid and product is right for every recipient you have in mind.

Unsure when you’re exchanging gifts?

This holiday cannabinoid shopping guide begins with the unknown.  Whether it’s an unknown exchange date or a surprise gift, HHC is the ideal cannabinoid for this scenario because it’s the most shelf stable.  This means that it’s less susceptible to damage from heat, light, and oxygen. 

Grab a box of our HHC prerolls or blunts, and keep them on hand for any time someone shows up with an unexpected gift.  Nothing is worse than being caught off guard when you weren’t aware you would be exchanging gifts with someone.  You can even keep these on hand for future gifts.  Forget a birthday?  HHC prerolls.  Don’t want to roll up to the party empty handed?  HHC blunts to pass around and enjoy.  

The adventurer

We all have that friend that always seems to be exploring a new place, or doing some extreme form of exercise.  For these folks, I recommend our selection of gummies.  These are the most potent edibles we have, and will take any adventure junkie to new heights, even on those rare occasions when they’re simply chillin at home.  Our gummies are made with multiple cannabinoids, which anyone who believes that variety is the spice of life will certainly appreciate.  

Expand their horizons with the Crispy Apple gummies- made with a trifecta of delta 8, HHC, and HHCP, these gummies epitomize the entourage effect.  Or, offer up a taste of summer with Pineapple Haze, packed with the dynamic duo of HHC and HHCP.  For a brand new adventure, give the gift of THCP and delta 8 with our Raspberry Blue gummies.  THCP is a newly discovered cannabinoid, and it’s super potent.  Your adventurer will love being one of the first to try it before it becomes more mainstream.

Stocking stuffers

I personally love getting snacks in my stocking and digging in to a little treat first thing on Christmas morning.  There’s no reason this tradition should be reserved for just the kids!  Our delta 8 Corn Powerpuff edibles are ideal candidates for this role.  At 30 mg per puff, the high won’t be debilitating and end the festivities early.  It’s the perfect dose of holiday cheer to kick off Christmas, and bring anyone to a place of zen amidst all the chaos.  They’re essentially cereal, so also appropriate first thing in the morning.  Just be sure to keep track of everything and not accidentally stash them in your five year old cousin’s stocking.

That special someone

You know what looks really high effort, but could not be any easier when you shop our online store?  A variety pack!  Pick out a snazzy gift bag, and load it up with a little bit of everything.  The apple of your eye will definitely love having a small treat for every occasion.  Stock up the bag with a mixture of smokables and edibles.  They can curate their ideal vibe on a whim since you’ve given them a little bit of everything.  Include a blend of sativas, indicas, and hybrids; THCA, HHC, and delta 8; lower and higher dose edibles.  You can even go the extra mile and add in some small touches like candles, ornaments, candy… anything to enhance their high and help them relax.  Whatever the world throws at them this holiday season, you’ve got their back, and they’ll certainly appreciate it.

Anyone old school

Is there someone on your list that doesn’t have the greatest things to say about today’s music?  Do they love to reminisce about the old days, or feel like they were born in the wrong era?  Never fear, this cannabinoid shopping guide has a solution for even these difficult to shop for individuals!  THCA is the cannabinoid for them!  THCA literally becomes THC when you light it on fire, so they can unwind and enjoy the classic high that piqued their stoner interest in the first place.  We’ve got you covered with indica, sativa, and hybrid THCA blunts, plus our Pink Lemonade Sativa prerolls.  

The bottom line

Take the stress out of holiday shopping this year with our convenient online store.  All of our products are lab tested and made from organic ingredients.  Let our extensive selection of cannabinoids guide you through your holiday shopping with ease.  And with a 98% customer service rating, you can be sure everyone on your list will love their gift as much as you love the extra treats you buy for yourself along the way.