DVNT Sativa Delta 9 Gummies Review


We’re psyched about the new delta 9 products in our store.  Finally, we can offer you the cannabinoid that started it all.  Our lab tested gummies guarantee you quality you can count on the next time you’re looking to elevate your mood.  I’ve been lucky enough to sample the DVNT delta 9 gummies, and for this review, I’ll be discussing the sativa varietal.  Read on to learn more about delta 9, and what to expect from our gummies.

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What is delta 9?

Delta 9 is THC.  Yes, that THC.  While the world has been unwinding with cannabis for hundreds of years, we’ve really only begun to understand the science behind this magical plant within the last century.  Delta 9 THC was initially discovered by American chemist Roger Adams in the 1940s.  Adams was criticized by his uptight superiors for noting the “pleasant effects” of delta 9.  Though he was a man truly ahead of his time, he wasn’t able to isolate d9.  However, in the 1960s, Israeli chemist Raphael Mechoulam picked up where Adams left off.  He was successful in isolating delta 9, and his progress contributed to what we know about cannabis today.

Delta 9 is renowned for both its medicinal and recreational effects.  If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’re likely already pretty familiar with these.  To review, delta 9 consumption can result in relaxation, euphoria, creative stimulation, and so much more.  

Is it legal?

As you know, cannabis is legal in many states across the country whether medicinally, recreationally, or for both uses.  However, there’s still a few states that haven’t gotten on board.  In 2018, the Farm Bill shook things up by legalizing hemp.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less delta 9 THC by weight.  This bill resulted in an explosion of hemp-derived cannabinoids on the market across the country.  

Additionally, by definition, our delta 9 gummies are legal on a federal level since, by weight, they abide by the federally legal limit of THC.  That being said, stay up to date with the laws in your state because individual states have chosen to handle the ramifications of the Farm Bill in their own ways.  Assuming your state hasn’t made specific amendments to address this issue, then you can legally have DVNT sativa delta 9 gummies from this review shipped right to your door for the ultimate convenience.

My experience

Nothing beats starting my day with a sativa, and that’s exactly what I did for the purpose of this delta 9 gummies review, courtesy of DVNT.  I ate this gummy first thing in the morning.  Each gummy contains 20 mg, and one was perfect for me.  Since these are wrapped in packs of two, they stay super fresh.  The texture was absolutely a 10/10.  I would honestly eat a whole bowl of these gummies if I could.  The pink lemonade is the ideal blend of sweet and tart.  

Because I had this gummy without anything else in my stomach, the onset time was faster than it would have been otherwise.  I started to feel its effects within 30 minutes.  Typically, edibles take about an hour to kick in for me, but my body was able to break it down faster since there was nothing else to digest at the time.  I felt really calm, focused, and pretty giggly.  I made a pot of coffee, a killer breakfast, and rode my bike to get some errands done around town.  Nothing I did felt like an obligation, and I really savored the sunlight.  The whole experience was truly enjoyable.  

After returning home, I decided to go for a run.  I live by the beach, and this was my first boardwalk run of the season.  I pushed myself further than I thought I was going to go, and was able to really tune into my music and focus on my journey.  Running while stoned is something I really enjoy, because the experience feels more like an epic quest than just a workout.  I was super present and savored everything, from the sun on my skin to the wind rushing past me.

The bottom line

The high I felt from the DVNT delta 9 sativa gummies I tried for this review was blissful, relaxing, and energizing all at once.  I really enjoyed the experience, I stayed high for hours, and the 20 mg dosage was absolutely perfect for me.  These gummies are ideal for adding that little extra something to what would otherwise be an ordinary day.  The pink lemonade flavor is sublime, and the high definitely hits.  Whether you’re exercising, drawing, handling some chores, or just enjoying the sunshine, our gummies will take your activities to new heights.  Here at DVNT, we offer you quality you can count on, and the convenience of delivery right to your door.  Stock up on our selection, and stay lit.