Delta 8 Safety


Everyone has something to say regarding the delta 8 craze that has swept the nation.  Some praise this less potent form of THC, while others criticize what they see as a dangerous drug.  One topic that is consistently discussed by users and critics alike is delta 8 safety.  Read on to find out what the delta 8 safety concerns actually are, and how to choose a reliable product.

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How it started

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level in an effort to increase hemp production for goods including clothing, rope, and food.  Hemp is legally defined as cannabis containing .3% or less delta 9 THC.  However, what the legislators didn’t exactly realize is that the verbiage of the Bill technically legalized all derivatives of hemp as well.  Scientific advances have made it possible to produce psychoactive cannabinoids from hemp.  By altering the chemistry of the hemp, these cannabinoids could be extracted and marketed to the public for consumption.

Federally legal psychoactive cannabinoids seemed like a blessing, especially for those in states that did not yet have legal recreational cannabis.  For others that wanted to reap the benefits of cannabis, but didn’t love the intense high, delta 8 offered promising relief.  

How it’s going

Unfortunately, this boom of psychoactive cannabinoids was not without fault.  On a federal level, these products were completely unregulated.  There were absolutely no legal requirements that could ensure the safety of delta 8 for all of its consumers.  After catching on to what was happening, legislators began to take action.  See, cannabis is federally illegal, and certain states have decided to legalize it.  With these “new” cannabinoids like delta 8, we have the opposite scenario.  It was up to each individual state to choose where they stood on this issue.  

Some legislators sought to completely ban delta 8 and other similar cannabinoids, while others have simply looked to establish safety regulations to benefit the consumers.  Unlike legal cannabis, which is subject to regulations before it hits the shelves, pretty much anyone can sell delta 8.  Some states have implemented age restrictions, others have declared that the packaging needs to make it very clear that these products are not meant for children, and still others have required that delta 8 only be sold at licensed dispensaries.  The laws are constantly changing.  Check out this guide for a state-by-state explanation of laws (current as of August 2023).  

Delta 8 safety concerns

So what are the safety concerns of delta 8 products?  As these goods are not regulated (in most states), who is to say that they contain what they claim to?  There’s really no one going and certifying these products before they end up in stores.  

Of fifty-one delta 8 products sent for testing in this experiment, 77% contained less delta 8 than claimed.  76% had more than .3% delta 9 THC.  I don’t need to tell you; you deserve to know what exactly you’re consuming.  For those paying for delta 8, the lessened content is essentially a rip off.  Others looking for an alternative to delta 9 and unknowingly consuming delta 9 are being hoodwinked as well.

Aside from not getting the proper cannabinoid content, other delta 8 safety concerns stem from the way it is made.  Delta 8 is made through a process called isomerization.  The process is safe; if done correctly.  If the chemist is starting with impure ingredients, it can be impossible to determine what other byproducts may be in the solution.  The use of ingredients that aren’t lab-grade is extremely dangerous.  This is why testing is of vital importance.  Products need to be properly distilled, and chromatography used in order to determine what else may be in the delta 8.  To learn more about how delta 8 is made, check this out.

The bottom line

So what can you do to ensure that you choose the safest delta 8 products available?  Shop smart.  Do your research, and learn which companies are reputable and which aren’t.  Avoid buying on impulse; just because something’s on the shelf unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Be sure to look at lab results; if they’re not available, that’s definitely not a good sign.  Here at DVNT, we take delta 8 safety seriously because it’s the right thing to do.  We start with quality ingredients to deliver you lab-tested products that you can trust and feel safe using.  When done correctly, delta 8 is an excellent alternative to delta 9, and is ideal for relaxing, mood enhancing, and giving you just the right amount of buzz to enjoy your day just a little bit higher.