Cannabis Friendly Countries Around The World


So we’ve already covered the countries you absolutely do not want to be caught smoking in.  Today, we’ll be looking on the brighter side and exploring cannabis friendly countries around the world.  As I mentioned last week, the US is the only country to distinguish between hemp-derived cannabinoids and those that come from cannabis.  For other countries, there’s no need for a complicated map of where delta 8 and HHC are allowed.  In the rest of the world, it’s all or nothing.

The Netherlands

Unsurprisingly, the first spot on the list of cannabis friendly countries is The Netherlands.  It’s capital city Amsterdam is world-famous for its “coffee shops” which supply residents and locals with cannabis to enjoy.  Unfortunately, time may be running out for US citizens to take advantage of this past time.  Covid put a halt to coffee shops operating for health reasons. Officials have used this as an excuse to rebrand.  Locals have complained of rowdy tourists, and it is expected that tourists not from the EU will not be allowed to partake in their cannabis consumption culture as soon as this year.  So… plan your flight soon if this is on your bucket list.  People do expect that the canna-business will simply be pushed underground.  Stay tuned to see how the industry changes with new legislation.


I can say from experience, Canada has definitely earned its place on this list of cannabis friendly countries.  Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2018.  Unlike some other countries on this list, any adult over the age of 18 (19 if you’re in Ontario), regardless of country of citizenship can legally purchase cannabis from a dispensary.  Don’t get any ideas about bringing it home as a souvenir though.  Transport of cannabis or CBD in or out of the country is a punishable offense.  Where you are permitted to consume cannabis depends on which province you’re in. Be sure to know before you go.  For example, in Ontario you can smoke on sidewalks or in parks as long as you are at least 65 feet away from “child related areas” which include schools and playgrounds.  Hotel owners can also choose to ban cannabis use on their property.


I was shocked to learn that technically marijuana is not legal in Jamaica. Still, it belongs on this list of cannabis friendly countries.  Possession of up to two ounces has been decriminalized.  If you’re a resident, you can grow up to five plants, and that number increases if you are a Rastafarian.  It is illegal to sell ganja as they call it (from the Indian people who brought the plant there originally hundreds of years ago) unless you work at a licensed dispensary.  You can find these in tourist hubs such as Montego Bay, Kingston, and Ocho Rios.  You’re also technically not allowed to smoke in public.  There is actually an incredible amount of cannabis tourism available.  You can take a cannabis tour, visit a smoking lounge, or even stay somewhere that is totally dedicated to helping you relax with their world-famous herbal refreshment.  


In 2013 Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis.  Truly ahead of their time, they are one of the most cannabis friendly countries… for residents, that is.  Residents over 18 can purchase cannabis by first registering with the government.  After registration is complete, they can buy their goodies from a pharmacy, grow plants themselves, or procure from a registered cannabis club.  Unfortunately for the Uruguayans, THC content is limited to 10%.  The number of members the clubs can have is limited by the government, and many have long wait lists. 

Apparently only 28% of consumers are using legal means to buy their supply, which means the majority are still chosing the black market.  Uruguay first legalized cannabis in the first place to limit interactions with dangerous drug traffickers.  The current black market for cannabis is run by a different crowd these days, so in a way the objective has been met.  Apparently, the government is still looking into modifying their laws in favor of higher THC and even potentially opening their doors to cannabis tourism.


I remember the laws in Spain being pretty chill in regards to cannabis when I studied abroad there in 2013.  It was legal to grow your own plants, but I don’t think my host mom would have appreciated me starting a garden.  Currently, it’s legal to smoke and grow for your own personal use.  What’s not legal is selling or consuming in public places.  Drug laws in Spain are not allowed to reach into private homes so… do with that information what you will.  There are cannabis clubs, but they are unfortunately only open to Spanish residents.


Thailand made history by becoming the first Asian country to legalize medical cannabis, cementing its spot on our list of cannabis friendly countries.  In 2022, this country took it a step further and removed cannabis plants with low THC content from their narcotics code.  Sounds to me like they’re about to discover delta 8 and HHC.  As it stands currently, anyone older than 20 who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding can legally consume cannabis.  This must be done at a private residence; or if you’re looking for edibles, you must be at a licensed restaurant.  Do not get caught smoking in public; this will land you a $750 USD fine and three months in prison.  Those looking to grow the plant must register with the Thailand FDA.

So there you have it, some of the world’s most cannabis friendly countries.  It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for these places in terms of further legalization and weed tourism.  From the list, I think staying at a cannabis resort in Jamaica might be my next travel destination.  If you want to take advantage of what’s legal in the US, stock up on our HHC prerolls if you’re looking for something with a higher shelf life.  If you’re on the move, our HHC disposable vapes are the way to go.  For all your other needs, check out our delta 8 prerolls and blunts.