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Looking to buy HHC prerolls?  You’ve come to the right place.  DVNT has you covered for all of your hemp-derived cannabinoid needs.  But with so many choices, why choose us?  Keep reading to learn all about our product selection, and what sets us apart from those other guys.

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What is HHC?

Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to refresh on some basics.  HHC is a cannabinoid derived from hemp.  It was initially synthesized in the 1940s by American chemist Roger Adams, when he added hydrogen molecules to delta 9 THC.  This process of hydrogenation is actually also used to create margarine.  In terms of potency, it is estimated that HHC lies somewhere between delta 8 and delta 9.

That extra hydrogen makes HHC bind less securely with the receptors in our bodies endocannabinoid system when compared to THC.  However, reduced potency is not necessarily a bad thing.  Less potency means less chance of burnout.  Anecdotally, I have found an HHC high to be more stimulating than a traditional delta 9 high.  I feel more focused and able to stay on task than I do after smoking regular weed.  

More shelf stable

Another effect from the additional hydrogen is an increase in shelf life.  HHC is less prone to degradation from light, heat, and oxygen than THC.  This is a great reason to stock up, and buy a bunch of HHC prerolls.  No worries about your supply going stale before you have a chance to smoke.  We even have boxes of HHC prerolls so you can shop smart, and be prepared for whatever the year ahead throws at you.


Obviously you have options when it comes to where to buy HHC prerolls.  Why choose us?  Here at DVNT we offer lab tested products, so you can know exactly what is (and isn’t) in your cart.  We deliver quality and transparency you can count on.  Still not sold?  Our 98% customer service rating speaks for itself.  Our existing customers love us, and you will too.


Need a preroll for morning, noon, and night?  We’ve got you covered.  Choose from indica, sativa, or hybrid to curate the perfect vibe for any time.  Start your day with our Pink Lemonade sativa, and stimulate some creative productivity.  The flavor is just the right combination of sweet and tart.  Looking to unwind?  Our Tres Leches indica prerolls are where it’s at for that sweet treat right before bed.  And for all those in between moments?  Indulge in our Orange Creamsicle hybrid prerolls.  The flavor will take you straight to summer so you can skip those post-holiday winter blues.  


You get more than just HHC when you buy our prerolls.  We include a little something extra: CBG.  Unfamiliar with CBG?  CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.  But just because it doesn’t get you high doesn’t mean you should disregard its potential benefits.  Remember how popular CBD became just a few years ago?  CBG is pretty similar in terms of potentially offering therapeutic benefits.  More research is needed, but you can enjoy the blend of CBG and HHC, and experience the legendary entourage effect for yourself.

Is HHC legal?

HHC really does sound too good to be true, so you may be wondering: is it legal?  The answer is a bit complicated.  HHC is legal on a federal level, provided it is derived from hemp (like ours).  This is thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp (and its derivatives) federally.  Since the passing of this bill, however, individual states have taken matters into their own hands to either regulate, or ban, hemp-derived cannabinoids.  

Each state has its own approach to hemp-derived cannabinoids.  Some have banned synthetic cannabinoids and isomers (which would include HHC); others have mandated that these products may only come from state-licensed dispensaries.  Check out this guide to HHC legality by state (current as of August 2023).  Be sure to stay up to date with what’s going on in your state, as these laws change frequently.

The bottom line

DVNT is your one stop shop if you’re looking to buy HHC prerolls.  We offer an excellent selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid so you can feel good, any time.  Our prerolls also include CBG, so you can experience multiple cannabinoids in a single serving.  Since our products are lab tested, you can shop smart and feel confident in your purchase.  DVNT is the obvious choice for all your hemp needs.