7 Reasons To Try HHC


Reasons to Try HHC

The landscape of hemp and cannabis has changed dramatically in recent years.  Gone are the days when discussion around hemp and cannabis effects is solely focused on THC.  We now know more than ever before about a plant that was entirely illegal not too long ago.  And with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s time for lesser known cannabinoids, like HHC, to have their moment in the spotlight.  But is this “newcomer” as enjoyable as THC?  How does it stack up?  Why should you try HHC?  Get the facts straight from the source, and learn the essentials about this newly popular cannabinoid.

In the meantime, try HHC for yourself with our extensive product selection.  Choose from prerolls, gummies, disposable vapes, and recently added blunts.

1. Less Anxiety/Paranoia

HHC is less potent than traditional delta 9 THC.  But less potency isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  A key trait of this cannabinoid is that those who enjoy it generally don’t experience the same levels of anxiety and paranoia that they do with regular weed.  Since your CB1 receptors are less stimulated than they are with THC, the paranoia is less likely to happen.  To learn more about HHC and the endocannabinoid system, check this out.

2. Long Shelf-Life

Through the process of hydrogenation, HHC becomes more shelf-stable.  This means it is less prone to damage from oxygen, light, and heat.  So, if you want to stock up on your favorites, you totally can!  We offer boxes of blunts and prerolls so you can plan ahead without worrying about your supply going bad.  Get ahead on your Christmas shopping for that special stoner in your life, or save that box for a rainy day.

3. Stimulating Buzz

An instantly rewarding reason to try HHC is the stimulating buzz that comes along with it.  I love that I feel energized and capable of accomplishing whatever tasks the day throws at me.  The high isn’t totally incapacitating, and I don’t lose my focus the way I do with THC.  HHC is the perfect cannabinoid whether you’re looking to crush it on a creative project, hit the gym, or run some errands.  It’s a great way to stay lifted without slowing down.

4. Relax and Unwind

HHC is ideal for relaxing.  Whether you’re looking for inner peace during a stressful day, or trying to unwind before bed, HHC is the way to go.  Not all of us have the space for a mindful meditation throughout our busy days.  Try HHC and experience much-needed calm without slowing down.

5. Federally Legal

Is your state behind the times in terms of legalization?  Is the dispensary too far away?  HHC may be legal in your state!  No medical card or trip to the dispensary necessary.  You can get all the benefits of this cannabinoid delivered straight to your door with our convenient online ordering system.  Not having to deal with all the red tape is an excellent reason to try HHC.  Check out this guide (current as of August 2023) to learn if HHC is legal in your state.  Definitely stay up to date as these laws are changing constantly.

6. Euphoric High

A main characteristic of an HHC high is euphoria.  Who doesn’t want a happy mood boost at literally any point in their day?!  With so many different ways to enjoy HHC, this euphoria can be yours any time, anywhere.  

7. Less Burnout

Not only do I feel more energized when enjoying HHC, but I also don’t experience the same lethargy and burnout post-high that I do with THC.  The whole experience is so much more uplifting.  None of us need any extra fatigue in our busy lives, and this cannabinoid is truly perfect for adding a little extra spice to your day but still maintaining functional energy levels.

In case you need more incentive to try HHC, here at DVNT all of our products are lab tested and made from organic ingredients so you know exactly what you’re getting.  Take the stress out of shopping, and give your business to a company you can trust.  We boast a 98% customer service rating, so you know you’re in good hands.  Try HHC today, and experience all these positive effects for yourself.