7 Reasons To Try Delta 8


By now, you’ve likely heard about delta 8.  Whether you’ve seen it in stores, heard about it on the news, or come across it online, delta 8 has taken over the US in the past few years.  Maybe, despite all of this, you still haven’t tried delta 8 just yet.  Read on to have all your questions answered, and discover several reasons to try delta 8.

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1. Ditch the paranoia

Delta 8 is less potent than traditional delta 9 THC.  However, this is actually a selling point if you’re someone who is prone to anxiety and paranoia when you get high.  A less potent cannabinoid means less potential for the high to become overwhelming and too intense.  Participants in this 521 person survey confirm these claims.  74% denied experiencing anxiety and 83% claimed there was no paranoia.

2. Federally legal

We know marijuana’s become legal in one form or another in the majority of the country; however, almost as many states remain behind the times.  These states benefited from a lucky loophole when, in 2018, the Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level.  Legally, hemp is defined as cannabis containing .3% or less of delta 9 THC.  Since delta 8 is derived from hemp, it is legal federally.  If your state still hasn’t legalized recreational marijuana, delta 8 may be a legal option.  That being said, some states have responded to the hemp cannabinoid boom with legislation of their own.  Definitely stay up to date with what’s going on in your state.

3. DVNT has you covered

The question of delta 8 safety is often raised by critics and curious minds alike.  Luckily, you don’t have to be concerned about safety when you shop at DVNT.  We share all of our lab test results right on our site.  Lab testing is essential to ensure that you’re getting the correct cannabinoid content in your products, but also to guarantee that there are no harmful byproducts leftover from the cannabinoid conversion and extraction process.

4. Feel great

If you’re looking for an addition to your routine that will leave you feeling amazing without being too much, delta 8 may be for you.  Participants in that survey I mentioned earlier had more to say than what they didn’t experience.  Aside from not experiencing anxiety or paranoia, 71% of respondents declared that they experienced high levels of relaxation, and 68% reported experiencing euphoria. 

5. Accessibility

Whether cannabis has been legalized in your state or not, nothing could be more convenient than shopping delta 8 in our online store.  As someone who lives in a cannabis legal state, it’s actually more convenient for me to get delta 8!  Every dispensary is out of the way, and has limited hours.  With delta 8, I can shop on my own time, and have a package full of goodies sent straight to my door.  Truly, nothing could be more accessible.

6. Get buzzed without slowing down

Delta 8 is estimated to be approximately 50% as potent as traditional THC.  But, honestly?  It’s nice to experience a high without being overwhelmed.  You can indulge without getting totally sidetracked.  I love being high, but there are times when high-THC cannabis is just… too much.  In a world where we can’t afford to slow down, delta 8 is an excellent alternative to cannabis.  If you are looking to slow down?  Simply smoke more, and you’ll soar just as high as you need to.

7. Our product selection

Ready to try delta 8, but not sure where to begin?  We’ve got you covered.  You can savor the sweet summer flavor with our peach or pineapple prerolls for a high that tastes as good as it feels.  Sharing with friends?  We have delta 8 blunts for every occasion!  Choose from indica, sativa, and hybrid to curate your perfect vibe, any time.  Or, if edibles are more your speed, you can enjoy our corn puffs which clock in at 30 mg of delta 8 per serving.  

The bottom line

There are plenty of reasons to try delta 8.  Whether your options are limited due to your state’s legislation, or you’re ready for a different kind of high, delta 8 offers solutions for a variety of conundrums.  This cannabinoid is less potent, which means less potential for anxiety.  And, with our super convenient site and reliable, safe product selection, you can count on DVNT as your one stop shop for all your delta 8 needs.