6 Reasons To Shop HHC At DVNT


We have more choices than ever in today’s day and age, especially when it comes to hemp products.  More and more cannabinoids have been popping up on the market, and they have been everywhere.  Interested shoppers can head anywhere from their local gas station, to smoke shops, or to endless online retailers.  With so many choices, how can you know who to trust, and where the best products are?  Read on to learn why you should hit up DVNT the next time you’re looking to shop for HHC.

In the meantime, check out these quick links to our HHC blunts and prerolls.

1. Quality you can count on

We believe you have a right to know what you’re putting in your body.  That’s why we share our lab test results right on our site for your convenience and safety.  Lab testing is essential to ensure that you’re getting the full dose of HHC.  It also confirms that there are no leftover byproducts from the cannabinoid conversion process.

2. Ultimate convenience

You can shop our excellent selection of HHC products right on our DVNT site without even leaving the house.  Skip that trip to the dispensary, and shop on your own time.  Your bundle of HHC will be delivered straight to your door, ready for you to enjoy.  Customize a package of goodies without the next person in line breathing down your neck, and take control of your enjoyment on your terms. 

3. Ready made

Our HHC blunts and prerolls allow you to enjoy yourself while still being efficient.  No need to shell out for expensive dispensary prerolls, and no need to waste time rolling one of your own.  Blunts and prerolls can be a mess to make yourself.  Leave it to the professionals, and eliminate the stress and time involved in rolling.  Simply unwrap the package, and soar straight for the clouds.  No mess, and no stress.

4. Strain varieties for any occasion

We know that different parts of your day call for different vibes.  That’s why we offer blunts and prerolls for any occasion.  Whether you’re looking to tackle an ambitious day with a sativa, or sink into bed with an indica, we’ve got you covered.  And for all those moments in between?  There’s a hybrid for that.  Whatever the day throws at you, you can switch it up and customize your experience.

5. Flavors to savor

Not only do they make us feel good, but the HHC smokes in the DVNT shop also taste good.  The Pink Lemonade sativa preroll is definitely my favorite.  It’s truly the perfect combination of sweet and sour.  However, the Orange Creamsicle hybrid is a close second.  These are so tangy and delicious, and taste like summer even on the coldest day.  Plus, let’s not forget the Tres Leches indica.  These prerolls are so smooth, with a decadent, cakey flavor.  Prefer blunts?  No worries.  Our Pineapple Haze sativa HHC blunts will have you inhaling tropical summer flavor, and exhaling whatever you were worried about before.

6. Roll with an entourage

When you smoke a DVNT HHC blunt or preroll from our shop, you’re getting more than just HHC.  We also include CBG, so you can chill out with the ultimate relaxation.  If you’re not familiar, CBG is not psychoactive; however, when combined with HHC, you can experience the legendary entourage effect for yourself.  Together, our HHC and CBG will have you feeling incredible.  CBG is definitely a less common cannabinoid as it’s only found in younger plants.  Be ahead of the curve and try it before it becomes the next CBD.

The bottom line

DVNT has you covered with a killer selection of HHC smokes for you to shop.  Our products are safe and reliable.  We share our lab test results so you can rest assured that you’re shopping smart.  Plus, we offer an excellent variety of flavors and strains.  You can direct your own high, no matter what the day throws at you.  We also pack our HHC blunts and prerolls with CBG, so you can enjoy the legendary entourage effect.  With our super convenient online store, and products that arrive ready to use, DVNT HHC is a no brainer for the next time you’re looking to get lit.