5 Reasons to Try HHC Prerolls in 2023


As we enter the second month of 2023, we’re forced to confront whether we’re actually sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions and wonder if what we’re doing is working for us.  Modern life doesn’t show any signs of slowing down or being less demanding any time soon, and every single one of us needs to keep up or be left in the dust.  No matter where we’re at in life (starting  or maintaining a family, looking for a new space to buy or rent, juggling multiple jobs, attending school, or even all of the above), we need to maintain our drive while still finding time for self care to avoid burn out.  Read on to discover why HHC prerolls are a must-have this year.

1. Options

We all love having options.  Whether that means overpacking before vacation for maximum variety (guilty!), customizing every detail of your ride, or selecting a workout plan that’s specifically geared to your needs, we have and are used to having more choices than ever before.  HHC is no exception.  Direct your own storyline and harness that main character energy as you choose between indica, sativa, or hybrid for an experience that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

2. Flavors

What really makes our HHC prerolls so delightful are the flavors.  Unwind and enjoy a decadent slice of me time with the choice of pink lemonade, orange creamsicle, or tres leches.  There’s a flavor for every mood and craving so you can indulge your senses as you soar higher and higher.  My favorite variety is definitely the pink lemonade sativa. These prerolls are simultaneously refreshing and energizing, and leave me ready to take on anything the day throws my way.

3. The High

I’m just gonna say it- the high is fucking lit.  I personally feel that the experience is not as all consuming as a delta 9 high, and it certainly lacks the paranoia and anxious thoughts.  I feel elevated and relaxed, yet also recharged and alert.  HHC gets my brain working and my creative juices flowing so I can take on the day with a little bit of an edge without experiencing the body slam of fatigue that I often feel when a delta 9 high wears off.  I find HHC prerolls perfect for writing, crossing things off of my never ending list of housework, hitting the gym, reading, work, or even that sweet point in the day when I can finally chill and don’t need to be productive anymore.

4. Longer Shelf Life

Ever buy a gallon of milk only to notice it’s going to expire in a day or two?  Suddenly you’re drinking milk with a touch of coffee, constantly wiping off that tell-tale white ‘stache, and frantically googling recipes that call for lots of milk.  Your purchase becomes a chore in the rush to use it before it goes bad.  This will literally never happen to you upon purchasing HHC prerolls. 

HHC has a longer shelf life than delta 9 THC, and is less prone to damage from exposure to light and heat.  This trendy cannabinoid gets extra points for providing some much needed stability in our fast-paced lives.  You can plan ahead by stocking up on HHC prerolls without feeling the pressure to burn through your products before they expire.  Mix and match, hell get really ahead on some stocking stuffers even without worrying about a stale or less potent product.

5. Convenience

What could be more convenient than having HHC prerolls delivered straight to your door?  We all live for that surge of endorphins when a package finally arrives.  With HHC prerolls, the rush when you get your package is just the beginning.  Shop our online store any time anywhere and plan your next euphoric experience.

Be the pioneer of your own hemp adventure and enjoy one of the hottest new cannabinoids with our HHC prerolls.  Shop by flavor or by the high your looking for with choices of indica, hybrid, or sativa.  Sneak in some self-care at any time during or after your busy day, and even stock up without worrying about the product going bad.  Choose to kick ass this year no matter what your goals are and try an HHC preroll today.